I went to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription.  Then this exchange between the pharmacist and me regarding the pills that are wrapped separately and ridiculously hard to open.

“Why do they pack these pills like this.  They are so hard to open?” I complained.

“They have to make them secure so your grandchildren can’t open them, because they could be very harmful to them.”

Changing tactics, I said, “First time you all did them for me here and put them in a pill bottle.  But then I got these sheet things. I called and asked that they be opened for me and someone said they couldn’t do that because the pills lost potency by being exposed to the air because of the humidity or something like that.”

“Just use scissors and cut them open,” she suggested.

“I do that but I still can’t get them out of the little space thingy,” I continued.

She signified agreement as she very helpfully said, “Don’t you have any grandchildren who could open them for you?”

I laughingly said, “Yes.  I guess I could have the kids open them.”

She smiled.  As I was leaving she reached for the pill bottle already labeled, and said,  “I can give you the pill bottle to put them in.”

Do you see a little irony here?


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17 Responses to SECURE THOSE PILLS!!!

  1. The trouble of our times in a nutshell— or make that pill bottle🤯

  2. The little bit of irony is where the liability will clearly lie should your grandchild decide to swallow one… 🤔😊

  3. pranabaxom says:

    😊😊😊Oh, the irony of it. Luckily I get my pills in pill bottles from my HMO as otherwise, without any grand kids, I would have been in a soup.
    On a similar topic, I always keep bandages ready while trying to extract products from sealed, hard plastic packages. It should be mandatory to send a package opening instructions for each box.

  4. My pharmacy has marked my file for any pills like that to be opened for me.
    Oh the irony of your experience. Such is life.😊

  5. Faye says:

    I see the irony all right. If pills are in bottles . Wouldn’t it be nice if they gave you a little box to keep them in with a key that only you know where it is. There are ways around this security hype.
    I never saw medications my parents needed. They were always locked in the medicine cabinet…..I never knew where they hid the key.

  6. SarahC says:

    yeah i here ya, i am so glad his are Not that way now, and i still have to get a bowl and shake out some and fill the boxes for the week, FUN times 🙂

  7. judyjourneys says:

    When my husband complained about the same thing, the pharmacist told him: “They’re cheaper.” I wonder what the truth really is.

    • oneta hayes says:

      I think the truth is that they are hard to get out so the pharmacy passes on the task, pretending to have a reason! Next time I am going to tell them when I order that I want them in a bottle. If they don’t agree, I’ll try another pharmacy. Maybe. Most likely I’ll find myself with the scissors and tweezers digging out little pills. 😀

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