WHY SUFFER, Part 4, I would strike them dead

suffering intro

Okay striking one dead might be a bit much, BUT IT’S GOOD FOR SOME FOLKS THAT I’M NOT GOD!

I’m back to the issue of suffering.  At this point I want to say, I am writing to adults and about adults.  There are situations beyond my comprehension.  One such matter is how evil man can abuse children.  I don’t know why God doesn’t strike them dead!  I cannot conceive of a lesson or purpose to be learned!  But I do know it has to do with the fact that God is love.  He loves both the abuser and the abused.  However, just as he is a God of love, he is a God of justice also.  Whether or not the evil person faces justice on earth, he will stand before a Holy Supreme Judge who will avenge that victim.

Here I will say I know there are many who agree with me and have decided there must be no loving God based on that kind of evil which he lets occur and the fact that he does not strike them dead.

But making our own judgments is certainly dicey.  For instance I believe abortion on demand is murder/child abuse.  Half this country believe it should be legal even. I have just made about half the country mad at me for even voicing that opinion.  God will judge me as he will judge the doctor who reaches into a mother’s womb and crushes a baby’s head.

I’m just giving that example to show that it is good that God does not ask us when he should strike someone dead!

The Holy Spirit is a Comforter and he is active in ways we cannot see.  When Stephen was being stoned, he was comforted by seeing Jesus standing on the right hand of God.  I trust and believe that Jesus does bring comfort in the darkest of circumstances.

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5 Responses to WHY SUFFER, Part 4, I would strike them dead

  1. pranabaxom says:

    ” I don’t know why God doesn’t strike them dead! 

  2. pranabaxom says:

    May be there is nothing

    • oneta hayes says:

      Oh, I see. More nothing. I think we have sounded out that subject. There’s a great big Something out there. I’ve met him; what a Something He is. You will be impressed.

      • pranabaxom says:

        How do you know the something is he and not she.

        • oneta hayes says:

          He speaks of himself as male gender – Father, in particular. But he does sometimes claim traits that folks my age identify as female. I guess. I can’t think of one right off so I might be wrong. The people who said he might be female can tell us — maybe. David says “The Lord is my Shepherd,” not “the Lord is my Shepherdess.” He is called the Lion of Judah, not the Lioness of Judah. Many more. Point out some to counter that, give me some ideas to brainstorm. Oh, I thought of one. He compares himself with a hen who gathers her chicks beneath her wings.

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