I asked Sammy what to call the part of the body we can spank.  I thought his answer, gluteus maximus, was a bit much and said so.  So he said call it the posterior.  Still a bit much.  I asked why I could say the buttocks but not the butt.  He said he had no idea, but I could say glutes.  So I looked on line, “butt cheeks” seems proper.   Okay, I’m laughing – hope you are too.

Whatever you call the gluteus maximus muscle and the fat which covers it, is not my issue.  My issue is that it is very important to the subject of spanking.  When mom turns a three year old over her knee, the butt is the place to spank.  By the way it should not be administered on the bare skin.  Telling a child to drop his pants, adds humiliation to the mix.  Don’t go there.

I do believe in spanking because it can be immediate, over, and forgotten quickly and it can be administered to the safe area of the body.  😀  In order to be over and forgotten quickly, it must not be so hard that bruises and welts are left.  And it must be with real concern and love for the child.

I seldom spanked in school although I was advised to do so by the counselor in junior high.

I made an exception with a first/second grade class who did not think I cared if I did not spank.  Case in point.  One day the kids came in from recess trying to out talk each other telling about misbehavior on the playground.  I finally said, “All of you who deserve a spanking, come up here.”  To my amazement – and dismay – eight boys and one girl lined up.  What would you do?  Well I took the ping pong racket and gave each, one swat that wouldn’t have killed a fly.  But they felt “freed” from their misdeeds.  They were together in saying “David did it too.”  David wouldn’t confess but I think he did do it to.

I resorted to things that were far more damaging to a child.  Such as tearing up a paper a boy continued drawing after I told him to stop drawing and do his work.  He was a good little artist.  I’ve always felt bad for tearing up that picture.

Time out is among the worst of punishments.  It gives lots of time to brood and imagine how to get even.  Sitting one in the hall is even worse.  What a fun place to sit while others walk by.  Only the good kids are embarrassed, and I don’t believe in embarrassing children.  Taking something away?  Most children are not allowed to have anything at school that can be taken away.  Lunch?  Never.  Recess?  You can’t believe what a nice time to rummage in the teacher’s desk, and a golden opportunity to steal something, or get the play dough out to play with.


Swats do not work at school if the child has been beaten at home. I have with tongue in cheek said that spanking only works on good kids.   And I sort of mean it.

Abused Children?  That’s a different post, not for today, and probably not from me.  At least not when my subject is punishment.


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  1. Mandibelle16 says:

    I’ve enjoyed your last couple of posts on the spanking subject. They’re honest and also very funny in a way. When I was little my parents spanked if we were really bad or wouldn’t stop acting out. Mostly, I got sent to my room or my one brother got to sit in the corner for longer than the rest of us. It was very grimy there.
    My mom would spank us over our pants, if we were really bad our dad used his hands on our mostly bare bottom, save underwear. It hurt a lot I remember, and we got to the age where other punishments worked better. But, I think too as we grew up the whole ‘don’t spank your kid’ thing became a big deal somewhere in there, so parents had to stop too.

    Interesting posts and thanks for sharing about being a mom and school teacher

  2. atimetoshare.me says:

    Spare the rod and spoil the child.😩

    • oneta hayes says:

      Yes, I feel so sorry for kids who have ruled the household. What a let down they have when dealing with life!

      • atimetoshare.me says:

        It is a different time. Discipline in the schools is a thing of the past because of over tolerance I think.

        • oneta hayes says:

          Yes. It has left so many of the last couple of generations floundering for boundaries and security when they “come to the end of themselves” and find they can’t go on without help. And they do not know where to seek help. Family and schools have failed. They are desperate for government to be the answer. Most have never considered that the answer is Jesus.

  3. shoreacres says:

    I may have told you about my one spanking. At least, I only remember one. My mother’s weapon of choice was the balsawood lid of a Velveeta Cheese box, back in the day when that product came in a wooden box. Balsawood is nice and springy, of course, and it reverberates a little when applied to a backside! After that smack I remember, all she had to do was either (1) bring out the cheesebox lid, or (2) ask me if I wanted her to bring out the cheesebox lid. I think it was the noise that got me as much as any pain!

    • oneta hayes says:

      Oh, I remember those Velveeta Cheese boxes! I had completely forgotten. Those would have made nice little swatters for little seats. You were at least as smart as Pavlov’s dog, weren’t you? More scary than hurtful because of the flexibility, I would imagine.

  4. We grew up with “the board of education” that was in the desk drawer. I don’t remember my folks using it much because just the threat of it was enough!

  5. Richard Taylor says:

    I’m a single Father of six little girls and have never had to spank any of my girls except a swat or two when they were toddlers. My girls are now five, two seven year old twins, nine, eleven, and thirteen. They are well adjusted and very well behaved without spankings. I get a lot of praise from their teachers at the coop about how well behaved they are. I homeschool my girls with my sisters help and I love every minute of it. I woUlD not change a thing. My girls are pride and joy. God Bless that God gave these little girls. My wife died when my last daughter was born from an infection and these little girls got me through it. Praise God!! I feel that most girls do not have to spanked. Of course I don’t know about boys, that’s uncharted territory for me. There are a lot of loving ways to discipline your children if you would just take the time. Love In Christ.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Thank you, Richard, for telling us your story. You do sound like a blessed father, and I admire your love for you little girls. I have a family of five great granddaughters. I suppose they have been spanked but I have no first hand knowledge of it. I believe it is very important for a child to learn to obey authority at a very early age. If the discipline is “because I told you to” it is fine with me. But I have seen little girls throw fits in stores that needed more than a “you will have to go to your room when we get home.” I think that just give brewing time. Congratulations on your fine family of girls.

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