WHY SUFFER? #9, Character Building

suffering intro

By time surely goes by!  It was on Sept. 24 that I wrote the #8 post on suffering.  I didn’t intend to let so much time pass before coming back to that subject.

The next topic I wanted to discuss was the issue of God allowing suffering as a means to build character.  At this time I wonder if the “recess” time has been a “hands on” test for me.

Three weeks ago today I had a tooth extracted.  It has turned into a time of frustration, pain, and uncertainty.  Through this time, I have tried to apply some of the things I believe about why God allows suffering as it relates to Christian living.  Can one really product fruits of the Spirit without some suffering?  I don’t know.  But I know this month has been a test for me – a test in which I hope I have grown in Christian character.

Some ponderings:

  1.  There have been mistakes made.  That’s why doctor’s carry insurance.  What am I going to do about that?  Am I tempted to sue?  The thought crossed my mind.  But no, that is not right for me.

  2. In my distress I tend to be cranky.  As I lay on that ER bed, I thought to myself, “OK, Self, this is a time to show some kindness to those who hurt while helping.”   Most were caring and it was easy to deal with them, but one was beyond reason.  She bordered on cruel.  I submitted but I don’t think I’m beyond holding a grudge.  I hope she gets a better hold on life, but I don’t want anymore contact with her!  Is that what God wants from me?  I just now realize I did not pray for her.  While I was gritting my teeth (not really, her hand was in my mouth) would have been a good time for a silent prayer for my “enemy.”

  3. I am frustrated by having conflicting advice from different doctors.  I have made a choice, but I’m not at peace.  I need peace about my choice or I need the Lord to redirect my plans.

There are other examples I could discuss; however, I think this is enough to illustrate my thesis that God does allow suffering to build Christian character.


Join me soon for one more post, the last one in this series.



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11 Responses to WHY SUFFER? #9, Character Building

  1. Hindsight in the passing of our ‘crisis’ shows us a great deal— both good and bad— Heaven help a nurse who borders in mean and hateful— but we even have a witness and ministry even when we are the one being ministered today— The Divine mystery on both sides of suffering

  2. atimetoshare.me says:

    Having peace with our choices is an answer to our prayers. If you don’t have peace, you need to rethink your decision. I hate dental work. I only have a few of my own teeth left, but I know it wont be long before the others bite the dust.

    • oneta hayes says:

      I often rely on doing what I feel peace about. This time it was different because I was going against the advice of the doctor I have known longer, so there were other circumstances than just deciding which was the right thing to do. I trust that the Lord has made me make the right choice. I’m moving that way anyway. You are giving good advice. The kind I often give. Thank you.

  3. So many typos thanks to both phone and thumb— borders ‘on’ and that was ministered to — stupid phone!!!

  4. Faye says:

    I prayed only last year re a course of tablets that were recommended to ‘protect’ me from a possible return of breast cancer. Knowing that in the night God said NO! helped me with my decision. Now I know it is trusting in Him and Him alone as I take all other necessary checks etc is the way to walk for me. I truly believe it was not my decision alone. They actually wrote on my chart…..God told her NO to Oestrogen blockers. Folks may think I’m crazy but I live with my decision. The side effects could have been worse than the ? possible benefits. 2019 has been a real year of restoration for. ne, Thank you Oneta for this challenging series. Blessings.

    • oneta hayes says:

      When one looks back on valleys we have come through, it is generally with a thankful heart that God has proved Himself faithful again! Thanks for your sharing your story.

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