WHY SUFFER?#10, Spread the Gospel

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In the 9th Chapter of John, Jesus, talking about the man who had been blind for 39 years said it had been to bring glory to God.  Many interpret the healing of the man to be the act that brought glory to God.  I ask:  Was it not the life he and his family spent during those 39 years that might have brought glory to God?  Perhaps during that time, God was glorified in their lives.  I see it happen often in people who walk through the toughest of time for the longest of times.  They are Star Witnesses to faith, trust, dependence on God – bringing him much glory through their sacrificial lives.

Many of you know that my sister, Verna, just recently passed from having fourteen years of serious cancer issues.

I have a friend who has who has a disabled son, now an adult but who is dependent on her for everything.

Sometimes Christians are persecuted, jailed and killed.

I have Christian peers who have suffered greatly by rebellious children and grandchildren.  Their hearts are broken as they watch loved ones who are a part of the living dead, bound by addictions, and living wickedly,

This type suffering is far greater than the kinds of things I have discussed in previous posts.  These are the rock bottom reason for the question “Why bad things happen to good people?”  Most Christians who suffer like these, are the most gracious, loving, patient people I know.  They model Christianity as it should be.

Some people say there is a gift of Martyrdom.  I don’t know but I do know that Christians in this level of suffering are an effective way of drawing people to Christ.  The Gospel was spread world wide by the sufferings of some of the disciples and the Apostle Paul.

Even on a national level we can see how many more people turn to God in the bad times than in the good times.    God’s ultimate purpose is for people to turn to Jesus for eternal life with Him.  How can he do that?  Does peace and prosperity do that?  No.  So perhaps suffering is necessary for the eternal salvation of souls.

I began this series on suffering by saying God always has a purpose for causing/allowing pain and suffering.  Some purposes are testing, discipline/teaching, chastening, character building, and the spreading of the Gospel for the saving of souls.

The Bible says “In this earth we will have trials” so let us make the best of them.


(Posts on this subject are tagged “suffering” if you missed any and are interested.)

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16 Responses to WHY SUFFER?#10, Spread the Gospel

  1. pranabaxom says:

    Suffer in silence
    For the day
    When you will be
    Lifted to heaven
    And the veil of illusion
    Will disappear
    To reveal
    From dust to dust
    A quest unfulfilled

  2. When my mom died at the age of 53 with a 6-week span from diagnosis to her death from lung cancer, a well-meaning friend gave me a copy of the then currently popular book by a Jewish Rabbi,” When Bad Things Happen to Good People”
    I was young and carried the burden rather stoically.
    I read the book and carried its message with me until this day.
    And whereas the Jewish Rabbi did not know the glory found in Jesus, I did as I still do.
    I also know we live in a fallen world and as God’s created, we have been both blessed and cursed with free will.
    No puppet master who swoops in when we, the created, think it convenient. But we, the created, don’t like the fact that we cannot command the Creator to sashay in and out when we will it to be appropriate.

    I am now 7 years passed the age of which my mom died and life has taught me much.
    God’s glory as you say, is not necessarily in that moment of healing or even in the death​…but rather it lies in the time that leads up to such.

    I have another book sitting on my table waiting on me…a book by the Catholic monk, Dom Bruno Webb, Why Does God Permit Evil?
    Dom Webb reminds us that “evil never defeats God. Rather, He uses suffering to destroy the very sin that fathers evil.”

    I’ll let you know what I glean from the book.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Please do. Bringing us through this world and into his glorious Kingdom is God’s ultimate purpose. His love demands whatever course to bring that into being. Have a great new week to come. 😀

  3. exoticnita54 says:

    🤔 🤔 Hmm 🤔

    Some good food for thought

  4. Faye says:

    Great blog and thoughtful response. Suffering endured when God is with the person has to be seen to be fully comprehended. I have lost now both parents and both of my husband’s parents and three valued and much love friends. Life lessons learned in their end of life journeys will never be forgotten. My own father with no certainty of a hereafter was the one who left the greatest legacy. He was a returned soldier and a man of great compassion to everyone and help wherever possible. He told his children to find a path to follow to God but gave no guildelines. Yet on the day he died he sat up looked in the corner of the room lifted up his hand with a bright smile on his face and died in that position. It changed the life of one of his grandsons who felt he had no HOPE and thought of suicide. J today is a father and has a blessed life.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Wonderful testimony to share. Give added hope to those still here with no escape except via death. Oh grave where is your victory? Oh, death, where is your sting? They have been swallowed up in the death and resurrection of Jesus. Amen. 😀

  5. Lakshmi Bhat says:

    Yes, there is so much suffering in this world and the thought often comes to mind why do some people suffer so much. At the same time so may have the confidence to face their problems. Others do not and decide to put an end to it. Thank you for this post.

  6. judyjourneys says:

    When I think of suffering, I look to the Cross and ask, “Why did Jesus (perfect Son of God) suffer?” The answer I receive: for the benefit of others. As the apostle Paul pointed out, we are partakers in the suffering of Christ.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Right. But why is that necessary? I’ve attempted to give some reasons. I understand why Jesus had to be crucified, but why beaten and suffering. My answer is for our healing – my his stripes we are healed. But my suffering does not heal anybody, does it? The way in which I endure the suffering can show much about the grace of God.

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