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Campus Craziness now resides in OU, Norman OK.

News Flash:  Current SGA president Adran Gibbs gave a final executive branch report for his administration.  …introduction of all-gender restrooms on campus as major successes … before he leaves office, he plans to impement about 45 more all-gender restrooms across campus.

OKLAHOMA, WHERE THE WIND COMES SWEEPING DOWN THE PLAINS, AND THE WAVING WHEAT CAN SURE SMELL SWEET WHEN THE RAIN COMES RIGHT BEHIND THE RAIN.  O K L A H O M A!!!    Where men are men and women are woman — oh, I can dream, can’t I?  Where cowboys use the bush and leave the outhouse to the ladies.  😀

For shame, Oneta.  Are you poking fun at the passion of Adran Gibbs?   Don’t you hope this young man does not have to pay off a student loan thanks to Warren, Sander, et al.  Surely he will have taxpayers lined up to take care of his college expenses.  What we need is more heroes like Adran.  Just imagine “All-Gender Restrooms” across Oklahoma in honor of his diligent sensibilities, and masculine courage!


Put this in “we’ll reap what we sow” —–

I notice today another young man has been arrested for having entered a restroom behind a couple of children, ages three and seven.  He was arrested for “intention to rape.”  According to recent LGBT news,* this second young man is to be labeled “minor attracted person.”  Pedophile is a harsh label.

*I read online.  Don’t know for sure.


My “Check This” posts are supposed to be 103 words or less – today, I failed.  😀  But I did say a lot less than I wanted to!




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14 Responses to CHECK THIS #8, MODERN HERO, My Foot!

  1. pranabaxom says:

    “Where men are men and women are woman” – and the twin shall never meet so that in future no one will face the ignominy of going behind the bush or fidgeting in que for the outhouse door to open.
    Oh, what am I saying? The arm dealers and zealots will go out of business. I will be for ever labeled as a job killer.

    • oneta hayes says:

      No reply about grown men entering the restroom behind two little girls? My bush and outhouse were definitely tongue in cheek. I’m almost positive Mr. Gibbs never used either. I was in a que of women for restroom the other day. My son went into men’s room, then stood at the door while other women made use of the room. I’m sure he would have noticed had a man been waiting. Men in Oklahoma, pre-Gibbs days, would likely have told the ladies to go ahead while he waited. That sort of behavior requires manners. You know as I do that this sort of “arrangement” is for the benefit of an occasional “trans” who might notice that no special toilet was just for him/her they/them she/shem, etc. In fact, him/her, they/them, she/shem never want a room for themselves. No, no, no! Others have to pay for our comfort! And him/her, they/them she/shem are comfortable making others uncomfortable! It is good that God’s love is available to all. Truth is that my love is also; but my love is also for my babies and other little ones and a hope for a bright future for them.

      • pranabaxom says:

        I just wanted the end the possibility of that ever happening in future😊.
        Oh, did I inadvertantly say something against the dictum of গ forth and multiply?
        Seriously I don’t have any sympathy for any pedophile. PC be damned.

        • oneta hayes says:

          Agreement reached – on the pedophile. Perhaps not for those who want to make it easy for pedophiles. However, I do believe pedophiles can change as anyone can change their sin if they wish to do so and seek the Helper in repentance. For that I am condemned by many. Better to never fall down that cistern. 😀 Good night. I’m going to bed early – do some reading.

  2. My head is now exploding 🤯
    So much for the heartland— where is the last bastion in our land????!!!

    • oneta hayes says:

      Sad, indeed. I wonder how happy Adran will be when he reviews the worth of his living. At seventy will he brag about having achieved sexual equality to campus bathrooms. “Come around children listen to what I did.” Likely Pride Parades, Gay Parades and such will have bit the dirt – of course, I keep hoping for common sense to catch up. Hope reigns eternal.

  3. Faye says:

    One of my favourite western films. Sad this report. I believe that ONE DAY, ONE GLORIOUS DAY. all of this wrong and ungodly nonsense will be blown away as the Wind of God blows across the world and the sowing and reaping of judgment takes away the Beloved and leaves the rest of the world to wonder how they wasted their precious lives.

  4. Faye says:

    The comment I was trying to make has disappeared. It simply said this comment has been repeated and whoosh G O N E. thank you .for blog. One Day Hope indeed will reign eternal and all the world’s idiocy will be wiped away and judged accordingly.

  5. This world has indeed gone a bit berserk. We now protect the perp and worry about their feelings rather than protecting our children against those that mean harm. Sad, sad day indeed.

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