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“Hey, Mom, guess what I found in the attic in our old house on 18th Street,” Roger called as he excitedly showed me my wedding dress.  We had moved into that house in 1965 so it had been there thirty-five years.  He found it when we sold the house near 2000.

The dress was long gone as far as I knew.  I guess if I ever thought about it, I assumed that it had been left at my mother’s house where I knew my sister’s wedding dresses were kept for a while.

The home that my husband and I first lived in was an attic apartment with limited space.  Then we bought a 28 foot trailer house.  Still very limited space.  But I still don’t understand a bride who would roll up her wedding dress and store it in a make-up kit similar to the one shown in the picture.  The bottom of the kit it was in, was rotted.  Considering that, the dress was in pretty good shape!  It was rolled up like we used to roll dampened dresses before we ironed them.  I definitely wasn’t into fancy wedding traditions and all that goes with that romantic event.  😀

wedding pic dress

I did love the dress, however, and I valued the time and skill my mom put into making it for me.  I guess I did what I needed to do to keep it.

Now sixty-six years later, it hangs in my bedroom – and, thankfully, I still have the man that came with it.  ♥♥♥


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28 Responses to SIXTY-SIX YEARS!

  1. You’ve got 30 up on me— I’m working on catching up!! 🥰

  2. says:

    Oh I wish I still had mine, but it was off white when I wore it and with age it turned quite yellow. I do still have the man too and that’s better than an old dress anyway

  3. So do you leave your man up in the attic too? LoL. And bring him up a bowl of soup once a week if he is good? LoL.
    I do get the value of the dress. Just the nostalgia and the respect it gives in our minds for those who have been so talented. We have it so good today its hard to appreciate stuff.

  4. Linda Lee/@LadyQuixote says:

    Happy Anniversary! You’ve been married as long as I have been alive. Thanks for making me feel young! 💘💘

  5. Oh wow I am so glad you found it!

    • oneta hayes says:

      One of my best “found” stories. I have some more good ones. I’ve posted some but I can’t find them now. If I run onto them, I may repost. I have new readers since then I’m sure. Or, maybe one will fit another challenge sometime. Thanks for hosting some interesting activities. I like Wordle but it takes more time so it has been quite a while since I accepted that challenge. I keep dreaming that something will happen to give me more time in a day. Hasn’t happened yet. 😀

  6. Faye says:

    What a great story and congratulations! My wedding dress was slightly altered and worn by my granddaughter when she confirmed her faith in Jesus at a service in 2015. It is short and has lace on it. I feel encouraged to see if I can find it.
    David and I have a long way to go to catch up to you guys but I surely hope you keep well and travel onwards with Strength.

  7. Loved your closing line. ❤

  8. JOY journal says:

    Very cool. My dress is in a cedar chest. Haven’t looked at in in years!

  9. Edward C says:

    Greeat read thank you

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