Kid’s song from my past says:  “Running over, running over;  my cup is full and running over.  Since the Lord saved me, I’m as happy as can be; my cup is full and running over.”  By it, children were taught that life with Jesus can be great, happy, joyful.  True words.  I agree with the song for kiddies.  But there comes a time as a Christian matures, that he recognizes being saved – having the Lord – is not enough.

Nora Edinger hits this thought hard in her blog called “When God is Not Enough.” I’m passing along a quote today from that blog.”

Nora says:

“God in my life” just isn’t enough. It’s “God’s life in me” that’s necessary.

Having “God in my life” is so much on “me” and what he does for “me”;  having “God’s life in me” makes me feel responsible to look and act like him.  So I’m left with this take-away.  Whose life am I living?  Am I living God’s life or am I living my life?  If I’m “Running Over,” is the overflow my life or God’s life?


I hope you will hop over and read Nora’s blog.  Thank you, Nora, for this lesson.

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