swaddled baby

“Come on in.  The baby is with Marta.  He is a delight!”  Mary joined the excitement of her family celebrating Marta’s new baby boy.

“Look, he has ears like Marta’s.”
“His tiny toes are like hers too.  See the little one is twisted a bit to the left.”

“Say what you like, but he mostly looks like his father,” crowed the father, Elias, with pride.

          On the way home, Mary and Joseph mused about the little baby boy.  Joseph questioned, “I wonder how your son will look.  Will he look anything like me?”

          In the wakeful watch of the night, Mary considered this matter.  She knew only one thing.  He will be a boy.  A boy who is the Son of God.  Will he look like me—my eyes, my fingernails?  Will he even have eyes and fingernails?  Does God have eyes and fingernails?  I’m a girl so he probably won’t look very much like me?  Will he have bushy eyebrows like Joseph’s?  Will he look like Joseph, even though he is not Joseph’s son?  Will he look like King David, our mutual ancestor from centuries before?  Will he look like the Angel who came to me from God?  What does God look like?  Maybe he will look like Adam, God’s created man.  Mary drifted off to sleep….she will know before many more days.


          On Christmas night, Joseph delivered the baby boy into Mary’s hands.  She placed him at her breasts filling his first needs on earth – mother’s love and his first meal just like every other newborn baby.  Looking him over from head to toe, she saw a perfect man child. 

          Now she knows.  “Yes, Joseph, he looks very much like you.” 

          He looked very much like Every Man, with the Spirit of his Father. 

John 14:9 “….He that has seen me has seen the Father…”


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  1. Faye says:

    Beautiful thoughts. Yes, it does seem impossible but that is the PLAN. All life long if we love our Heaven Father we are being conformed or changed into the image of His Son – The Word (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) one God……….. from beginning to everlasting. That is heritage. Blessings and Love!

  2. Elizabeth Johnston says:

    Just wow. That is amazing. That is a great way to explain the birth of Jesus and Mary and Joseph’s begging life of there new baby.

  3. sandeept252 says:

    I was thinking this was something related to you, until I saw the names Mary and Joseph together. “It’s about Jesus?” I thought and looked at the tags. “Oh yes!” I said and continued.
    Liked the way you presented. Completely different from what I heard before.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Nice to hear from you, sandeept252. This last one was in English, sadly the only language I know. Others I have failed to get translated for my use. This blog as a new thought to me. Really brings the Virgin birth happening home to the heart of a mother. Thanks for commenting.

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