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Don’t be alarmed.  This is a dream. I stood up from the bed.  Got swoozy.  Staggered a bit, then fell.  Sammy is on the bed reaching over and looking for me in boxes at the bedside.  I must have been … Continue reading

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TAKE LETTERS IN BLUE WITH A GRAIN OF SALT –  THEY ARE MY WORDS, NOT JESUS’  😀  smiling at you TO ACCOMPLISH THE PURPOSE OF THE CHURCH  we must have structure.  So what are the Biblical job descriptions?  Eph. 4:11-12  … Continue reading

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We are in a time of great decline in church attendance.  Many say they can serve Jesus -be a Christian – as well without going to church. So your “churchy” friend (ME) would like to point out a lot that … Continue reading

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Self-assured and true, Tasteful, stylish, and graceful. She keeps herself chaste. *************** Advice to my granddaughters:  turn away from evil, live holy, and demand respect.  Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge using words “chaste” and “taste”. Image: Pixabay

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GRANNY APPLE YELLOW is in my sight Sitting here at my desk after midnight. A post it note, and a grocery list A plant, a tube, and a pipe cleaner to twist. Picture of a lawn, and a birthday card Finding … Continue reading

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Memories do not fill empty heart. ******* To my family members, friends, and others who are dealing with the death of a spouse.  Memories help. Faith helps. Friendship helps.  But you still alone.  You help each other in ways I … Continue reading

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Sorrowful old house befitting my memory. Mom was moaning.  Dad told me to go feed the pigs.  I did.  Went back.  Dad said go outside and don’t come back until he called for me.  I did. I could see everything … Continue reading

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Driving in the rain Mesmerizing colors, as Sun sets, water drains. ************* Ronovan’s challenge:  Write haiku using “drain” and “rain” Image: unsplash, Gabiele Diwald

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  This is my third day without a post.  So I’m sitting here trying to think what to post. I’m considering confessing all my faults and failures, but after I tell you about both of them, I don’t know what … Continue reading

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(Given the current Bloomberg dust up, the following re-post seems timely.  With thanks and appreciation to my daddy/farmer.  In the picture are some of my daddy’s brothers. The near one on the right looks like daddy, but my daddy had … Continue reading

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