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Re-blog from 2016:

I went to sleep after having arrived at a decision. It was perfect. I hadn’t had to plan to get my revenge. It had just dropped in my lap. All I had to do was ask a question. Just appear dumb – that wouldn’t be hard. I had a right to the answer. The answer would expose a wrong doer. Ah, how simple! What justice!

At this point you may be anticipating a tale of how God straightened me out. Did He give me a foreboding sense of evil? Did He cause a great distress in my spirit?
Did He chastise me with a terrific headache? Did I get a telephone call saying my child was in a car wreck? Did I get laryngitis so I couldn’t ask the question?

Who could ever guess that God disciplined me with amazing grace and boundless love? Yes, the way an adoring and adored father would want to discipline his child. He gave me a dream. This was the dream: I stepped into a large room where others were worshiping God. Immediately I began worshiping in another language. I seemed to be in a trance for a time. There was not much in the way of visual impact except for black and white scenes which made an impression but meant nothing to me. I can’t describe the all-consuming, overwhelming emotion. (Even now as I write, tears flow.) Still dreaming, I awoke from the trance with great racking painless sobs of sorrow that I was leaving such a state of worship. The dream was over but I did not awaken physically for the rest of the night.

When morning came, I awoke with this chorus (composed by Lanny Wolfe):
I love Him too much to fail Him now
Too much to break my vow.
For I promised the Lord that I would make it somehow.
Oh, I love Him too much,
Yes, I love Him too much to fail Him now.

And with this scripture: Behold, I set before you Life and Death, choose Life.

There is no Super Man, Wonder Woman ending to this story. Will the wrong doer be exposed? I don’t know. Will good triumph over evil? I don’t know. Will I be proven right? I don’t know. Do I want my way, or Life? I want Life. Do I find it easy to give up my way? No. I still think my plan would be a huge satisfaction – but, I love Him too much to fail Him now, too much to break my vow. I submit to my father’s plan. What is that? I don’t know.


That was a time the Lord spoke to me in a dream.  The incident happened about ten years ago when I was employed and I was having some bad issues with a co-worker.  I wrote in a journal at that time.  That’s the reason I can give such details about the dream even though it was long ago.  —- And since it was long ago, I do know how the situation turned out.  We both left.  But we left as friends – sort of :D.  At least I didn’t embarrass myself or my Lord.


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15 Responses to SUBMISSION- A DREAM

  1. says:

    I have been known to have some very vivid dreams. They often wake me in a cold sweat. I believe sometimes God sends us messages through our dreams, especially when we are seeking answers to difficult problems.

  2. God sure has a way of setting things in perspective, doesn’t He? And in such practical ways.

  3. I hope that one day Oneta— I can be at you same level of faith

  4. Faye says:

    I agree that God spoke and is speaking to folks today in dreams. It MUST be Biblically confirmed. God uses whatever means to call His Children to a higher level of both purity and commitment. If He gives you a dream that is prophetic in purpose then that must be handled both prayerfully and with only HIS Wisdom. Two weeks before 9/11 in 2001 (If God was not absolutely the One Who gave me the dream/Vision I would have felt doomed but the Hope was HIGH. I told only the one person the Lord told me to tell and all we could do was PRAY. The horrors of that long ago Vision brought me to a new level of faith and belief in the Bible as an inspired Book. Revelations will be fulfilled completely and not plagues, terrorist or violence or ungodly behaviour will change That which is WRITTEN. Blessings to you Oneta and your writing and all your great followers on line.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Yes. Dreams must be judged on scripture. You are right to bless my readers. They, including you, are God’s precious ones. Even if not saved, God has placed them in my pasture.

  5. pranabaxom says:

    I dream of winning a lottery but when I get up, nada. The almighty is not buying my bribe.

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