green check markIn Leviticus 20, God’s judgement is made plain for both “the man who offers his child” and “the man who looks on and does nothing.”  I am a “man” (woman) who looks on.  I am raising my voice against the practice of abortion. 

Abortion at any stage of development is evil, but in our “enlightened” culture we can never claim we do not know that a fetus which can live outside the womb is a baby.  Making it legal and yelling louder won’t help before the “just” Judge.

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Do you remember my “Check This” challenge to myself?   Something wise and worth saying in 103 words (or less).

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  1. noble thought but the thinks people do to children makes me wonder if majority of human beings are worthy of giving birth to children! animals bring up their babies better than too many human beings! I am sure, many like me wish they were never born! 🙂 I wish my parents had practiced birth control and given me a blessed slip!

    • oneta hayes says:

      I’m sorry, dear lady. Life is rough for many. But you are obviously a lady of some talents and abilities. I’m sure you can be an encouragement to others. You make me happy by leaving your comment and giving me a chance to respond to you. Hopefully we will be blogging friends. I’ll watch for you. I’ll go check your follow. 😀

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