I’m stocked up on toilet paper!


“Cause I’m getting on the freeway. 

Why buy toilet paper?

That’s just the thing to do when a tricycle plague occurs.


So I’m up the ramp and on the freeway pleased to know I have plenty of toilet paper.


There are thousands of tricycles whizzing between all the semis!  Wow!  They must have babies; there are so many.  Hard to see because of the semis. But other drivers are busy watching the tricycles. They might die if a tricycle hits them.  Tricycles are bad for old folks.

Hope a semi doesn’t hit me while I watch the tricycles.

Help is on the way for tricycle victims.  Don’t panic.

They are shutting down the traffic!!!

Oh, no.  Someone stole my toilet paper!  Now what will I do?  No delivery service – And here I am, without toilet paper!


I’m grumped at whoever has the toilet paper I need now because they might need it in July.




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  1. I saw people at Costco with carts full of toilet paper – and nothing else. Assuming they don’t run a motel, I kept wondering, when the food runs out, are they planning to eat that stuff?

  2. (My own ideas on the Corona virus and what our priorities should be were posted yesterday with the title “We’re All Going to Die.”)

    • oneta hayes says:

      Very good article your wrote. People are funny. They are so easily duped. My Walmart has tp today. I bought one bundle of nine. I couldn’t stoop over to reach it. They could hardly believe when I said that was all I wanted. Others were taking any where from four to 15 it looked like. It was probably all gone before the hour was up.

  3. pranabaxom says:

    Thank God all our toilets are fitted with bidets.
    I did not know that corona virus makes one poop constantly. Otherwise I can’t see the logic of stocking up on tp.

  4. Faye says:

    I have found this whole toilet paper issue has touched me in a very profound spiritual way. The sheer nonsense of it. When the frail and elderly even in disabled homes etc cannot get toilet paper because the young and the selfish have taken it all. fuelled in me a response. I liked your humour on your post. Corona- fear spirit- toilet paper is the page name. Anyone is welcome to visit. It is light but deeply spiritual in nature but the times we live in are PROFOUND!.

    • oneta hayes says:

      “sheer nonsense” that’s right. What a mess one can get into with a “me first” mentality. Thanks for the comment. I’m sure we can get lots of lessons from this Corona virus experience.

  5. floridaborne says:

    Every 7 months, or so, I go to Wal-Mart to get a huge package of quality TP. It’s cheaper there than anywhere else. This pandemic hit when I reached for my last roll.

    Hubby found some that was comparable to what I use, but it was about 1/4 the amount (or less) that I generally get at one time. It will last at least 2 months.

    He was also purchasing 2 dozen eggs. At the checkout line, the guy in back of him asked if he was hoarding eggs.

    Since when are 2 dozen eggs considered hoarding?

    I think people are losing their minds.

    • oneta hayes says:

      floridaborne, I certainly do not call your examples hoarding. I can’t imagine anyone who would. I bought one bundle of 9 rolls in Walmart. There were not many left. A helper had to stoop to pull a bundle out for me. He started to get another, could hardly believe his ears when I said one was enough. After that I saw no one who had TP who did not have four bundles or more. One woman, 65 or so, had a basket with 10 or 12 bundles. I was behind her with my one. She said something about buying for herself and two (I couldn’t hear the rest). Well my granddaughter took four of my rolls home with her today because they didn’t have any. Maybe I should have gone for more! Lack of food is hitting me harder since I did not panic buy that either. Was lucky to find a pound of sausage. I have asked for a ham for pick up tomorrow. I guess I will get it. Hamburger is not even on the online Walmart list. I do also have 2 dozen eggs. 😀

      • floridaborne says:

        This whole hoarding thing is incredible. When we find a good buy, we will stock up. Then the sale items are restocked. That’s different than hoarding. People knew going in that there wouldn’t be anything left for anyone else.

        There are alternatives for TP. You can’t eat TP.

        • oneta hayes says:

          Very important difference you point out. Most sales are because of overstock (I think), but I don’t know much about such stuff.
          I think most people would admit the TP thing got a bit out of hand. 😀

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