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A way-back-when story. It was about 1953 or 54, the church was raising money for something. Sammy and I had no money but we had just bought a new TV.  It was worth about forty dollars.  We decided to give the church the TV so they could sell it and keep the money.

I guess a pay day must have come along because we decided we could redeem our TV which we did.  Paid the forty and kept the tv.

In the forties and fifties the “holiness/Pentecostal kinds of churches” were very leery about watching television, especially movies. I was particularly influenced by Psalms 101:3, “I will set no wicked thing before my eyes…” Some translations say evil thing, worthless thing, (maybe others).

Well, we kept the TV and we started bringing in the apparatus for hooking up movies- those rented reel thing-a-majigs.  But, I still operated pretty well with Ps 101:3 as my guide. I believe some made their decision about what to watch based on I Thes. 5:22 about avoiding the appearance of evil, that sounds like a pretty sound guiding scripture to me.

Fast forward to present day. Now I have no idea of what “plumb line” young people use to limit their viewing of TV and movies, along with all the other gadgetry. I am guessing some guidance is given via youth ministries.

BUT (bandroll, please) I have found the Bible translation that gives you leeway to just be your own guide. Sort of like in Judges when “every man did what was right in his own eyes.” In it Psalms 101:3 says “I will not look ’with approval’ on anything that is vile.”  So I guess, you can watch any evil – -just don’t approve of it!? And I Thes. 5:22 drops “the appearance of evil” and says to “reject evil.” So just don’t do evil, but watch it if you want to, huh? Oh, you want to know which Bible? The newest NIV. I’ve griped about it before. I know I don’t have to read it. But it seems like people who know what is happening should speak up.

Seems strange that every modern translation seems to “loosen the plumb line.”  I haven’t checked but I think they all still say “Be holy, as I am holy.”  If you have a problem with that, just know that Jesus will make that holiness available by his blood.  Be sure it is applied.  You live in Him and He lives in you.  That’s the plumb line we should seek.


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19 Responses to SEE/HEAR NO EVIL

  1. It’s a slow move toward anything goes while having a biblical translation backing up such a notion

  2. Thank You for pointing to the variations in the printing of the Holy Bible based on the version being read. As a young girl I was taught to go only with the King James Version (later the NIV and the ASV were added). The King James Version was translated by the original scripture by more than 25 people who must have a unanimous agreement on the wording before it could be entered into the final text. The Old Testament was translated from the Hebrew and the New Testament from the Greek.

    It seems that others are just paraphrases of the translation. Perhaps the NIV and the ASV are translated, but not from the original scripture — and not in committee. The more paraphrases, the further the wording is from the truth. Thank You again, for visiting this topic upon our hearts. Even some of these “paraphrases” are evil! Have a Blessed Week!

    • oneta hayes says:

      I am not opposed to reading other translations. A lot more people do read the Bible when it is presented in easier language. But I wish there were more honest critiques regarding danger spots. I always go back to check with KJ on a theological study. I even like paraphrasing such as the Living Bible if one knows he is just reading a paraphrase. It is not good for doctrine. Oh, I take that back. I think it will present Jesus and his death and resurrection which is the fundamentals of the Christian faith.
      Thank you for the comment.

    • judyjourneys says:

      This chart may be of help:

  3. Faye says:

    Wow! Thank you sincerely for this post. yes indeed. We have realized as we now check our scriptures against newer translations rather than the NKJ Study Bible we have had for many years. The slow changing of word meanings even with the Word has quite an impact on society. SIN is still SIN (not a deviation from the centre). gay is but one word but look how that has been retranslated in dictionaries but also in the watering down of the Word. Check out sanctification. We knew always even as children that that was a HOLY word meaning a God change. See if you can find it at all in some of the newer translations. There is an implication it is something you can bring about yourself. Have a Blessed week! Thank you again for blog!

    • oneta hayes says:

      Most of the versions will present the facts regarding Jesus and what is need for salvation. Some however, seem weak on his virgin birth. So I am thankful for them. But it is a way to lead people astray if they are reading to prove an preconceived idea. Thanks, Faye.

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    I will turn on your post notifications, so I don’t get to miss your amazing posts😊 turning on right now💐💐💐

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