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Blogger Friends, time out for you today.  Of course, you are welcome to read but this is my Happy Birthday “card” to my Ashlyn, some of you know her from previous posts.


Since we cannot be together today, I am using the blog to send birthday memories and future blessings. 

Memories:  Ah, so many.  I’m so thankful you were born.  I remember that precious baby that turned out to be you now.   I remember other birthday parties with you all decked out is twirly skirts.  I remember Halloweens, I think one was when the picture was taken.  I remember Christmases with tearing up the paper like a tiger looking for something to eat. 

I remember the bed times going to sleep holding your hand.  I remember waking up times singing “He’s Still In the Fire,” when we would talk about times that might get rough and that Jesus would be there right along with you. 

We are in some bad times right now.  I don’t like being quarantined; I don’t like not being with you.  but I know Jesus knows and He is in the bad times with us.  I remember the night you told me you accepted Jesus as your Savior and you wanted to be baptized and live whatever life he planned for you.

Now right here I go to some blessings for your future.  Your mom sent me some “memory” pictures this morning and I spent about ten minutes listening to you and Addy singing  “Every song I sing, every praise I bring; everything I do, is a gift to you.  best gift   

Yes, you are a gift.  You are a gift to all who know you.  You make friends so easily with your warm and welcoming smile.  You are a lovely singer and I know you will be able to use that talent to make others happy.  You learn so eagerly; every afternoon you came here after school and without being told, you sat down to do homework before anything else, even snacking!  

This is getting kind of long and there is no way I could ever describe how precious you are to me.  Just know I love you.  I love you.  Can I say it again?  Okay.  I love you.


Image:  “best gift”  Dakota Corbin, unsplash




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  1. pranabaxom says:

    Happy birthday to your Ashlyn.

    Hang in there. This shall also pass.

  2. Happy Birthday to Ashlyn!!!!!!!!

  3. Om Kulkarni says:

    Happy birthday tiger

  4. Shreya says:

    Happy Birthday Ashlyn!
    Even I don’t like the lockdown.

  5. Rockhorses says:

    Happy birthday Ashlyn! I’d like to know how old she is turning, 8…9? Close? 😉 I’m a tween.

    That means ALMOST a teen but not a kid so like 10, 11, or 12.

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