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 “In the 1930s, American capitalism practically stopped working,” says google.  War was on the horizon.  The leading causes of death were very much like present times – cardiovascular and renal diseases, cancer, influenza and pneumonia, tuberculosis, motor vehicle traffic injuries, and suicide.

President Roosevelt’s New Deal was launched to save/revive the economy.  It worked.

Hopefully President Trump’s efforts to rebuild our economy will also be successful.  A major difference, however.  The political parties, the people, the media were pulling for America in 1930s’.  Now it appears the united forces who want a One World Government is as strong as those who want to remain a strong independent America.

Now why would I be writing all that stuff in a post about being grateful.  This is why:

God still controls what happens.  He raises up leaders and nations and He puts them down.  Christians’ prayers and responses are a turning factor in the timing of God.  Notice I say “timing” of God.  There will come a One World Government.  That is prophesied, but timing is unknown and determined by God Himself.

In the 1930’s I was about the size of these girls – my great granddaughters.  God was in control then, as He was now  That is my hope for them and my gratefulness to Him.


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  1. Faye says:

    There was and still is only the ONE answer for the world’s sickness. It is called SIN. What is the solution? It was never a war or even a vaccine. God is in CONTROL. Thank God He is. Wake up world He sent the answer. One day! Eternally..

  2. pranabaxom says:

    Love the great grandma with the great grand kids. Beautiful and adorable kids , those two.

    Now to serious matter. ” Christians’ prayers and responses are a turning factor in the timing of God. ” – if those prayers produced the current occupant of the people’s house, than I am glad not to pray. Hopefully the old, bearded guy will notice why I don’t pray and give me a visit to inquire😀.

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