Wow! My brain geared up to high speed while I was reading a bit from “To Know His Name.”  I’m the writer of that manuscript but I didn’t realize I had written something so profound.

This is it: “In the books of Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers the phrase ‘and the Lord spoke unto Moses’ occurs 73 times…” Doesn’t sound very profound, does it?

But listen to what that means!  Moses listened 73 times! At least he listened at least 72 times.  That’s what’s profound! Maybe the Lord is saying to me, “If you want me to talk to you, then listen.”


The image above is by Peter Lloyd at unsplash.com.

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2 Responses to LEND AN EAR

  1. Trzrs says:

    .. and sometimes it’s in a still small voice.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Faye says:

    OH what a powerful reminder. This is what these days we are living are all about I believe. WE MUST LISTEN. (stop speaking even praying out aloud for a little bit. LISTEN! What is He saying TODAY.) Thank you for your faithful sharing.

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