PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

Monica and Larry found no place good enough for their honeymoon.  Even NYC and Paris paled in comparison to the amazing experiences they had had on their space flights.  They decided to build “Heart’s Desire,” a satellite city.

Money was no problem; they  knew  the rudiments ofasking for government grants.  Thus “Heart’s Desire” was founded.

Government lost thirty billion dollars.  Only fifty-seven couples ever passed NASA’s physical test.  Monica and Larry called it quits.  Monica married the architect and honeymooned in Houston.  Larry married the receptionist and honeymooned in Phoenix.

Taxpayers shelled out thirty billion.


100 word challenge using picture as prompt.




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  1. says:


  2. Heart’s desire, this is beautiful

  3. Faye says:

    Wow! clever!

  4. Seems plausible 😉

  5. pranabaxom says:

    fantasy well spinner.
    how much went to the pockets of the “government” approvers? 😀

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