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Angry bear, kills food giver, lacks logic

That was my haiku on last post.  I want to pursue this thought using some comments from that post.

Faye made this statement:  “I see a much deeper TRUTH in this than about a bear.”  Good, I hoped a deeper message would come through.  

We have seen massive evidence of that “deeper truth” on America’s streets this week.  Angry bears who had a golden opportunity to “wreck the joint” as they jumped into what was probably begun as a peaceful protest for a just cause.

To Pranab‘s quip about not feeding wild animals. I commented:   This bear was not wild. See how I carefully picked a bear with no woods behind him. He is an ignorant bear who depended on man’s hand to feed him. He didn’t like foraging for his own food.  It really is true that one should not feed wild bears.  They will turn on you and they will become helpless to care for themselves. 

Why wreck the country of one’s birth?   He is ignorant.  He doesn’t like work. Someone will feed him.  

But that is not sufficient to explain why “man” would go so wild as to kill his bread giver.

Consider:  It is innate in the bear to be wild; it is innate in man to be sinful.

Sharmishtha basu  says it very well in her comment.

Jesus gave us the answer when he said, “Ye must be born again.”  Then his Spirit within man will work against the innate sinfulness  of the human heart.  Sort of like taking the “wild” out of the bear.  However, the bear does not know he is wild; man does know he is sinful.
I use “man” as a term for “men and women/all humankind”

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9 Responses to MAN, THE BEAST

  1. I agree Oneta- I thought it a bit of an analogy of our current times

    • oneta hayes says:

      It is but I intended it to be much more than racial/minority. It is a sin problem. Are we a Christian nation or are we not? A lot of people openly proclaim that we are not. I have to come back to more on this subject. More in a later blog. Hope things are getting better in your city.

      • I came home Saturday and Atlanta still is having curfews and protests but the angry riots, your bear, seems to be quieting.
        What of Oklahoma?

        • oneta hayes says:

          For some reason I did not receive my news via email today. Yesterday there were a bunch of demands by BLM for resignation of certain parties and release of some people who had been arrested. There was a demonstration of support by police re: the demand that the chief resign. I don’t know what has happened last night or today. I hope I am right about what I have said. With all the fake and hype, I’m afraid to repeat anything for fear of being wrong.

  2. floridaborne says:

    Were people to be able to go back in time and live during the 1950’s the way we did, they would see the tremendous difference. There are no longer “colored” water fountains. I don’t have to be spanked in the store for drinking out of the “wrong” fountain. In the 1970’s there was affirmative action, where minorities would be given a job if the had the skills — even if someone considered “white” had more experience. We applauded the efforts to provide equal pay for equal work.

    Now…all people see is the “victimization” hyped by mainstream media. They don’t look at the people of color — business owners who were killed in the riots and/or their businesses burned — that’s not what the riots are about. The become the dependent, angry bear that thinks not of what the future will look like if they kill the country. Hint: Venezuela.

    • oneta hayes says:

      floridaborne, you are so right! I know we became a less “racist” nation, applauding the actions of Rosa Parks and MLK. Hating the injustice done on the basis of skin color.
      I have too much to say still. I’ll be back with another blog. Thanks for verbalizing your experience and thoughts so well.

  3. Faye says:

    Oh. Thank you thank you thank you sincerely. I am trying hard not to say too much. Truly, I see very clearly what is happening in your nation and already the ‘rent a crowd’ copy cats (imitating bears if you like the analogy) are lining up in oz. Worse that a virus ….this is a combined assault.. It is not about racism. It is being used by outsiders. We must stamp out racism but how far our nations have already come to deal with this blot on our histories is recorded. Pockets may still exist but these prowling bears are subversive and very very dangerous. Thank God for the Cross and for the Saviour who came to save the souls of ALL PEOPLE. Every Tribe, Every tongue and EVERY COLOUR. Blessing! I appreciate you and your God-given pen.

    • oneta hayes says:

      You are a blessing to me. Thank you. Yes, there is a bunch of money and preparation going into this mayhem. It is not possible for this to be spontaneous.

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