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From a note in journal June 15th ’98

Subject was “childlikeness” and how Jesus said we should come to him as a little child.

I had written the following note:  There are so many children in this time who do not have the child-like traits Jesus was demonstrating.  How sad that so many are undisciplined, rebellious, and aggressive.  Many children have never had a childhood in which their submission to authority brings security and peace.  TV has violated children.  Again, how sad.

That was my opinion twenty-two years ago.  Those were the children who are the “outraged rioting looters” of today.

At that time I only blamed TV.  Now I see so many other negative influences on children since then.  Again, I say, “how sad.”

I point out, however, that I said “many” not all.  The concerned and well behaved are still out there but the rabble-rousing news outlets don’t “pay them no mind!”  Their (news media) goal is better served in showing the ugly in our America.  That way the “ugly” can appear normal.

Thanks to the brave youth who respect authority, pay their bills, fight for our country, save lives, tell truth, honor God – and ride the rough waves in going against the tide.  

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  2. Faye says:

    How true. A-men and thank God for all who still have in their hearts the desire to come to Him as a ‘little child’.

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