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I understand why many Americans get upset about the Confederate flag.  I understand the pain and shame of slavery that is associated with it.

I understand why many Americans love the Stars and Stripes flown by the Union Army who put an end to slavery.   The Flag for which more than 350,000 soldiers died.

I do not understand the people who hate both flags and claim the cause is slavery.


Check This – Having something worth saying in less than 103 words – This one 82 words.

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4 Responses to CHECK THIS #11- FLAGS

  1. pranabaxom says:

    For humanity to unite
    A world without flags
    A border non-existent
    A faith personal
    A society color blind
    And a hug
    (once Covid is gone)
    A pipe dream?

    Hundred words? 😀

  2. Mandibelle16 says:

    It’s such a convulated topic, Oneta. A lot of that having to do with black slavery in the US, even before the Civil War, in the Revolutionary war even as the Southern or confederate states were so dependant on the slave trade for industry, and home life — not just cotton picking. I’m not condoning it’s all, but the way people think at certain times in history and how they live their lives, plays a huge part in the whole racism problem in the US.

    Of course, we know now all slavery is wrong, and even before the US banned slavery in the Civil war via Abe Lincoln, they’d banned it in Britain — it’s awful it took so long in North America. Truthfully, the banning of slavery needed to be dealt w/ before the Civil war, when states were first unifying, but too many US leaders left it alone due to Powerful opinions in the south who wouldn’t pay fair wages or didn’t consider African Americans even close to their equals.

    Leadership before Lincoln(Even going back to Washington and Adams) shouldn’t have allowed this, despite their personal ambitions and needs of other US people in their times. Banning slavery sooner meant Southern farmers could’ve found better modes of production, hiring people, giving them a wage, treating workers with dignity, better educating themselves, their children, and former slaves — not allowing this black vs. White dichotomy. And although slavery was only one of the major issues in the Civil War, Thank goodness Lincoln and the North finally banned it. It meant that in the South there was a great deal of rebuilding too do especially, but it meant no more black peoples and no more soldiers died for something that should’ve been solved years and years before.

    It saddens me that 150 some years later, there’s such violence, and contention with African American people in the US. Although I think a lot of the treatment of African American people comes down to learning to treat all people fairly, equally, as the same as you from an early age, and later among our peers. It seems wherever we look in history or the modern world, racism, sexism, etc, of some kind always exists. Too man people want to look at someone else and say they’re better and deserve different treatment via the law or related institutions. It makes me sick’ I think, because it’s so different in Canada for the most part. We’ve had our issues with Aboriginal people, but on the same level nearly.

    I grew up and went to school with kids from Asia, different places in Africa, Germany, the eastern world, India, Aboriginal, Inuit, and other races (etc.) and In school (high school/ university), we never thought twice about being racist, and most people I know would’ve warned or reminded someone else who was being this way to stop. We’d call them out. People of all races were and are our friends. We didn’t judge them because that’s what we were taught in schools/family etc.

    But, it’s a generational thing too as my Baba (97. Yrs) for example and her husband, had diverse views. Not completely like some of Americans from that génération, but I think we’ve just developed acceptance of others faster than it seems to occur in the US. I guess it just tells me some kids and parents aren’t there yet on the-antiracism curve. Those are just my thoughts Oneta, but I really do hope world wide the situation improves. Not only with political correctness, but in our every day lives. Even if some one of another race committed a crime, it should Be hate the sin (crime), not the sinner, and white people should Not receive better representation or judgement, then any other people In this world.

    Sorry, I wrote you an essay, but your poem inspires me. It’s a beautiful dream, and hopefully a reality sometime.

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