This Bible selection contains an account of the Israelites crossing the Jordan River.  There are similarities to the incident of Moses leading them  across the Red Sea.  I believe Joshua and Caleb were the only two people who had been with Moses at that time.  The priests had not because God had left the people in the Wilderness for forty years—long enough for the  elders to die rather than to see the land of Canaan.  But they had heard the story I’m sure.  They knew Moses had held out the rod and the Sea had parted.  So—that must be the way Joshua would do it.

        “Hold up there,” said the priests, “you are saying for us to step into that water.  What about the rod thing like Moses did?”  Well maybe the priests didn’t say that because they really did do what Joshua said.  They stepped into the water   When their feet touched the “brim of the water” it parted.  I don’t know about how much faith they had but they did obey!

        Do we just “test” the water?  But back out if our foot feels wet.

        Personal application.  I hate wearing this oxygen.  I hate the inconvenience.  I hate it as a sign of my weakness.  I hate it as a sign that I don’t have enough faith in God as my healer to dump it.  Should I just have a “live or die in the name of Jesus”  attitude and “step” out on faith.  “What was the Word saying?”  I don’t know whether the priests had faith.  But they did obey.  Has God said to me, “dump the oxygen tank?”  No, he hasn’t.

        I told you all my story of healing.  I’ve told you how God spoke to me many times regarding his healing power and how he impressed me to trust him, not the doctors.  Why is this time different?  I’m not sure.  Maybe it is because he is going to do a miracle for me sometime.  Maybe it is because suffering is a way to encourage me to put away sin (IPeter 4:1).  Maybe it is to show that “rain falls on the just and the unjust.”

        I have thought about “testing the waters” – you know how we tend to do that.  “Just go today without it and see if your meter remains high.”  Then I remember Jesus said not to test the Lord.  (Luke 4:12)

          What I do know is that I must stay so close to Jesus that I can hear him if he tells me to do something different.  If he speaks, I will obey.   And I remember Joshua did not follow what he had witnessed by Moses. I can’t expect Him to act in ways that I have seen before.  He might; he might not.  God is wonderfully creative.  In what way might he want you to “cross you sea?” Are you close enough to hear him when he speaks?  Or is there to much static caused by polluted air?

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10 Responses to SUNDAY’S SIMPLE SERMON, SEPT. 6, 2020

  1. We have to separate ourselves from the noise a bit and make time to listen, He is always close enough to hear. ♥️

    • oneta hayes says:

      Did you get a reply from me? I sent one earlier in the day – I thought. It is not here so I must have done something wrong. I visited your blog. I hope it will be a pleasant ministry for you as you begin to write more. Thank you for this comment. It is true that Jesus can hear us, but sometimes we push him away with our sins or just become lethargic and inattentive to his voice.

  2. Frank Hubeny says:

    Very good observation and advice: “What I do know is that I must stay so close to Jesus that I can hear him if he tells me to do something different. If he speaks, I will obey.”

  3. Bro George says:

    Loved this; indeed God is wonderfully creative.

  4. Faye says:

    God’.s Way is not always ours to SEE. unless we HEAR clearly from HIM through Prayer and/or Word we must not see our ‘free-will decisions as being a test of our faith or putting Him to the test.i have heard HIM clearly several times in my life. Knowing His Voice but having CONFIRMATION from others who prayed have allowed me to make significant decisions both spiritual and regarding my own health. What is necessary to save a life for His Service or to maybe prevent something that may never happen are also prayerful considerations (,Healthwise) God is indeed wonderfully creative. Sometimes when GOD takes your life to the edge of a cliff some folk He will catch.and HOLD. For others as long as they are .Connected to HIM…..He will teach how to fly. He is holding Oneta.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Thanks, Faye. Yes, indeed he is my lifeline, my security. It is very important to know the written Word of God, to be sure what we think He might be saying is in line with it. Confirmation from others is sometimes good, but it must pass the Bible test. The devil is a deceiver and he does speak God’s language if he thinks he can fool one; he did it with Jesus even.

  5. I didn’t see an earlier one, thank you for sending another, and thank you for visiting my block! I agree that we must remain attentive! 💜

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