First I want to explain that my post yesterday, “It Takes a Village” was meant as a dire warning as to what might happen if big government gets more control over family life.  It is insane what some people have to go through if an “anonymous” person turns you in to the Child Welfare system.  Sometimes this can happen through a deliberate attempt to cause trouble; other times a person might be legitimately concerned but does not want to actually “be involved.”  One such circumstance might be that a child tells someone that “momma makes me take medicine.”  That turned to Welfare can become a $50,000 nightmare!

Such a statement as that makes me consider what is most reasonable, a mother determined to overdose her child or possible a mother who insists the child continue taking medicine for ten days just like the doctor said.  The child thinks he can stop when his tummy or throat quits hurting.

Like it or not this demands lawyers who demand money, more money, more money, then add psychologists who demand money, more money, more money then add counselors who demand more money, then add guardian ad litems who demand money, more money, more money.  Then there is gas and car.  On call to go see “whoever” at the drop of a hat.  Of course it might be schedules for next week that just means slowing down the time to get the child back.   It is viscous!

And another thing this is more apt to be happening to a middle class or lower middle class family who has some resources (or has family who has resources) than to the poverty stricken and addiction driven families who the system knows cannot come up with money.  Therefore the children in those continue to be hammered!

Well that was first, but I’m making it last also.  Too wound up.

Another case in point is that I see some private school has been ordered to be closed because of covid.  It’s a private school!  Parents do not have to send the kids if they don’t want to.  And very few will choose to do so if they think the school is unsafe.

You would think government would value keeping kids in school since some of them pay as much as $30,000 per pupil when they are at school!  No educational loss to the child is too much when it serves the purpose of pulling down President Trump!  Let the kids suffer!

I started with the title “Let’s Chat.”  That did not seem to go with this post so I amended to say “Let Me Rant.”  😀



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11 Responses to LET’S CHAT – LET ME RANT

  1. I’m up on that soapbox with you Oneta!!!!!!

  2. Frank Hubeny says:

    We need these kinds of rants. Thanks for keeping us aware of these issues of anonymous reporting and closing private schools.

    For what it is worth, I’m a registered Democrat in Florida. I plan to vote Republican in November. As I see it the Democratic Party has lost its moral sanity.

    • oneta hayes says:

      I keep telling myself there must be sensible Democrats out there who are going to get fed up one of these days. I’m glad you stay informed. I was once where you are, but then the “balance” just wasn’t balanced anymore. Thanks much for you comments.

  3. pranabaxom says:

    And rant you did. 😀

    • oneta hayes says:

      Seems like some folks don’t recall Hitler taking kids or even present day countries with 10 year old soldiers in the making. Some times it is the two sides of a blended family that hold kids hostage, but my rant today was government and it co-harts.

      • pranabaxom says:

        Reminded me of a guy who was made a saint few years back chaining people and taking their children away to “civilize” them. Happened few centuries ago but not much have changed, have it.
        Oh, I forgot. Rich are becoming richer.

        • oneta hayes says:

          I guess we over expect in this sinful world. Why the comment about riches? I was sorry to hear the stock market fell some today. I have no stocks so why would I mind. Maybe because I like for people to do well with the talents and resources the have. Where did that come from? Might happen if Trump gets back in. Maybe that is a threat to you. I don’t even care if you make some money. Make? I mean earn? Don’t go making paper dollars? 😀

  4. Spot on Oneta….and well said.

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