The image is the title page of my essay.  Am I showing off my good grade?  Yes.  But I also am showing you that I did a thorough job of my topic.  It is from twelve sources.  I will share them if you like.  Much of the material came from Jim Hicks, “The Persians”  Time-Life Books, New York, 1975.

       Cyrus’ birth and early life are not known in detail and is mixed with myth and lore – even to stories about his being raised by a wolf.  He was apparently about 17 when he became king of the Persian Empire.

       Although most of the Persians were crude and uneducated, they were wise military men, whose idea of the “good” life was to be conquerors for the pride of their king and their country.  This great king, Cyrus, was especially kind to his captives but stoic on demands of himself.  It is said that he was once advised to move his court to a place where the weather would be more pleasant.  He said he would stay where he was, responding that “Soft hands breed soft men.”  Cyrus with his forces settled on an Iranian plateau which imposed a rigorous life since it was surrounded by a ring of rugged 12,000’ high mountains with a central depression of salt deserts; one of the driest and most uncomfortable regions on earth.  The Persans, however, considered everything about their country to be the best.

       As Cyrus marched through Greek Asia Minor, he was sometimes welcomed but often challenged—always to win by Persian force or Persian gold.  Cyrus had a reputation of being an extremely kind conqueror.  He generally allowed the vanquished government officials to remain in their positions wisely believing that he would win their trust and friendship in that manner.

       Well, Readers, it is not my purpose nor likely your interest to copy too much of my essay, but I want to make note of some ways I think President Trump is like Cyrus.  Remember I wrote this essay almost twenty years ago—long before I knew the President.  So nothing is contrived to say what I want it to say.

       How do I see President Trump as being like Cyrus the Great in ways other than discussed yesterday as a man prepared by God to deliver/protect/help Israel?

  1. First point. The two leaders think they have the best country in the world!

  2. The two treat foreign leaders and countries with respect and mercy even if stern. Evidence is three nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize as well as much criticism because the President is not hard enough; case in point, the North Korean leader.

  3. Like Cyrus, DJT makes rigorous demands on himself.

  4. Cyrus had a “border” policy. This excerpt after a discussion of a conqueror area—“There he build a series of seven fortresses to ensure his safe border.”

  5. I chuckle now as I read about Cyrus’ personality. He is described thus: “Cyrus !! had an appealing personality, wisdom, enthusiastic spirit, guilelessness and physical charm that drew men to him.  He found it easy to raise a powerful military who were loyal to him.” Pres. Trump quickly raised a political force who are loyal to him even though he gets hammered at what is perceived as a lack of wisdom, plus.  😀    One more post on this subject I hope, in which I will discuss the President’s guilelessness.


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14 Responses to MORE CYRUS/TRUMP

  1. Frank Hubeny says:

    I realize from reading this that I knew very little about Cyrus. I like his motto: “Soft hands breed soft men.”

    The hammering Trump gets is caused by a propaganda machine that I find suspicious. I was thinking about the criticism he received after the first debate claiming he was a “bully”. If Biden cannot handle Donald Trump, and he can’t, how can we trust him to handle the Chinese Communist Party? The only thing Biden is capable of doing is caving in to the CCP (which would explain why the CCP likes him over Trump). Indeed given Hunter Biden’s involvement with China, I suspect Joe Biden has caved in long ago.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Trump is the bully. Biden told him to shut up twice, called Trump a liar more than once, called him a racist and a clown. Trump is rude. Trump is responsible for 200,000 deaths. Biden would have helped that by following science. Well, ….

      • gilberta54 says:

        rude…our country is being taken over by communists and you worry about him being rude…people like you are fools who are uninformed and misinformed thanks to your assinine leadership….

        • oneta hayes says:

          I was not clear at all if that is your understanding of what I said. Sorry. You see I said, “Trump is the bully” (I should have used a question mark instead of a period.) Then I responded by saying Biden told President Trump to shut up twice! I intended to point out that I though Biden was the bully and the one who was rude! So sorry. You will not find a bigger Trump supporter than I. I pray that God will still use Pres. Trump in some way to “save” America. I guess I get sloppy sometimes when I am communicating with others who know I am a Trump supporter as I know Frank (to whom I was commenting) is. Hey, Girl, peace and I hope you read lots more. You will find we are on the same side. I tried to find your blog so I could give you support but didn’t find anything except picture. Got a link? I’d love to read your thoughts and support for President Trump. I think we are in the same boat.

  2. Interesting! Seems you were a prophet there, Oneta! I think our whole country could really benefit from pondering the saying, “soft hands make soft men.” While the debate was kind of a train wreck it was not really, “disgusting, vulgar, or violent.” We kind of expect people to use their indoor voices like they’re in the parlor having tea or something.

    • oneta hayes says:

      I heard a woman who identified herself as a “black Democrat” on Rush today. She said she voted for Trump last time and she was going to again, that she didn’t think Obama did enough for the blacks, that President Trump said the things she would like to say. But I got a real kick when she said Biden is empty. Empty.
      I thought that was great. Even when he told the President to shut up, he was empty. But the guns behind him are not. They are dangerous beyond belief for all us innocents sitting out here like baby ducklings.

  3. Don’t you love finding things like this that were written decades ago? Brava, Oneta!

  4. This is really comforting Oneta, for as you say, come hell or high water, God will have his say in His way and time and yes— Trump appears to be that man— the similarities are uncanny— thank you for this lesson!!!

    • oneta hayes says:

      I think God’s time table is more like an event table. There is a chronological flow of events that lead to Jesus’ return. The time (calendar/clock) can be changed by the prayers of Christians, but the events will happen. God cannot stand sin. And he will rid the earth of it someday. Repentance buys us more time. It is kind of crazy how we want to hang on to this earth when our eternal life will be so much more wonderful. The same Creator is responsible for both. If he made Earth as wonderful as it is, image Heaven.

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