USA Constitution with feather quill pen.

So this is the week Amy Roney Barrett heads to the hot seat. There is a lot at stake. Constitution as written or Constitution as living – changing to suit cultural whims.

If the Constitution means anything. it has to be interpreted as written. It makes provision within itself to make changes as needed. That is by Amendments. In the more than two centuries it has guided our land, important changes have been made by way of Amendments.

The hot issue regarding Nominee Barrett is how she would rule on Roe vs Wade. The “Living Constitutionalists” are afraid she will rule according to the way the Constitution is written. Apparently that would give the abortion issue back to the states. I’m not sure of this.

The Democratic Platform states: “Strongly and unequivocally support Roe v. Wade.”

Questions. Since that is their stand, why fear having another “look” at the basis on which Roe vs Wade was made? If it was right then, wouldn’t it still be right? Does Roe vs Wade allow legal abortions in the last trimester? Does that mean they know they got a lucky break on that decision? Does it mean that even if it was a reasonable decision at that time, it is no longer valid? Do scientific findings (particularly, the sonogram) since that time prove a reasonable conclusion that the baby in the womb is indeed a human that experiences comfort and pain? If the sonogram showed nothing “human” about the “blob” in the womb, would it be easier to believe Roe vs Wade was based on a scientific principle? Wouldn’t the Court not decide to be even more liberal and support abortion to the time of birth? If, of course, there really is a “right to privacy” that means mom’s have a right to abort their babies.


About 15 years ago, I nervously awaited the decision of the committee who were to approve or disapprove acceptance of my doctoral thesis, thus insuring my DMin degree. It was with a breath of relief that I received their approval.

Now consider my feelings if I had plagiarized a section of my paper. After their congratulations, they say, “We only need one more person to take a look at this. She is Dr. Z, an expert on recognizing plagiarism, who always makes a final review of the candidate’s work before our final approval. I know I have slipped by on the skin of my teeth because I copied a section of my writings Plagiarism? I’m guilty. I know it. I’m lucky I made it this far. Now I’m about to get caught. What do I do? I hope desperately that Dr. Z doesn’t have the opportunity to check my paper! I disqualify her in some way? I have experts review all Dr. Z’s writings and opinions. I plant liars to ruin her reputation. I bully her in the hopes of making her resign her job. If I have money and power to do so, there is no way Dr. Z is going to ruin the findings of my present committee. I point to the faults of the one who hired her. No one is going to have a second look. No Way!


Shumer, Feinstein, et al, have power and money.

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10 Responses to REVIEW NOT WANTED

  1. says:

    The utterly disgusting games have already begun. Is there no common sense in our governing bodies anymore? I truly believe that senate and congress are leading us into despair with their shenanigans and tom foolery. Heaven help us.

    • oneta hayes says:

      That’s where my hope comes from. It is still on a rock solid basis. It is indeed discouraging if our only hope is in money and power on this earth. Oklahoma only has one Democratic Congress person, a woman, Kendra Horn. I see this on line – Bloomberg-backed PAC will spend $400K on ads to help Kendra Horn I’m up to the hilt with her ads only criticizing the Republic – not one word regarding her own agenda. Nothing to say for herself.

  2. Frank Hubeny says:

    I pray Barrett’s confirmation goes smoothly.

  3. Faye says:

    Indeed our Higher Hope is certainly not on any of this earthly all man-made and determined .’stuff’ Thank you for the post.

  4. Love reading your very easy to understand common sense posts Oneta. You restore my faith in the sanity of humanity. Yes…pray, pray and pray some more. My son made an observation that I thought was comforting. He told me that Amy C Barrett is raising 7 children so she will now how to handle contentious senators. No wonder I love that boy!

    • oneta hayes says:

      He sounds like his common sense switch is turned on. LOL Thank you for the nice words. I’m sure hoping the Lord is going to pull another miracle for us. For sure, he lets the clouds darken – I just wrote “he lets the clowns darken” That might be just what I needed to say. Problem is that the situation is not funny; it is evil. I’m believing He will show up and show off. Probably only we Christians will recognize His mercy to us, but we will all give Him a big standing ovation!

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