I’m thinking of the hubbub as critics have yelled about paying attention to the science in regard to the methods of President Trump during the Covid crises.  Hummm…..

During the nine decades in which I have lived, I have seen changes in science.  Most recent I recall that science has determined a change in the number of planets.   I suppose the field of medicine is the one in which most science has changed.  Mostly positive.  Also technology.

Some “science” is disturbing to me.  Case in point, the scientific frustration regarding gender.  Now how many genders are there?  Is a boy and a girl different?  Or does it take a few years to find out? 

There are things about science that have not changed.  Gravity comes readily to mind.  In fact as I think of it, the things about science that are based on mathematical principles have not changed that I know of.  Maybe so, but I think Einstein pretty much nailed it on physics and math.

But the math that I have seen during this election time have defied all the odds that I thought were fundamental.  Example:  People voting from two different addresses makes one vote?   I guess the dead voting might be more of a science problem than a math problem, except if that dead person died in 1880.  Then you can put it down as both, science and math.  The theories regarding “probability” are far removed from what I believed; however, I admit I’m not proficient in these area as some are.  Especially the inhabitants in rest homes. 

Math laws regarding “chances” and “odds” are rather complex to me, but the Democrats have them down pat.  If I were a Democrat, I would try my luck at cattle futures contracts. 

Me?  I won’t buy a ticket for a quilt raffle, if more than three people are buying tickets —- and my husband has to be one of the other two. 

I gotta think some more about this because the Democratic math irregularities have shaken my world. I need something I can count on! Bring back Pythagoras and Archimedes, and throw in Einstein also.

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  1. Yes, the science (wisdom) of this world is always amenable to paradigm shift. Nice post 👌

  2. Frank Hubeny says:

    What the left is going to do is discredit “science” by turning it into a political football. We need to get back to real science and not the pseudo-science that the left certifies as “real”. In particular, there are only two genders, male and female.

    Also one cannot have more legal ballots than registered voters. That should be basic math, but for some reason that seems hard for the left to understand as well.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Thanks, Frank. “Science” that does not know a baby is a baby just because it hasn’t left the womb, and “science” that can’t tell if that baby is a boy or a girl, is highly suspicious. There’s money in the swamp along with lots of other evils. Your point is well taken about more legal ballots than registered voters. I guess one plus one now equals three? 😀

  3. Faye says:

    Great post. Thank you, So much room for discussion in my family where we have scientific and maths folks often not totally compatible. The Cross appears to have sliced through a lot of miss-mash and Biblical TRUTH takes a lot of illuminating. Thank God for the Holy Spirit.

  4. sandeept252 says:

    Science and Maths both are ever evolving. So, they get difficult even for “experts” and they have to accept that they don’t know everything. However, I noticed that your post is related to the US politics, which I don’t understand much!

    • oneta hayes says:

      Yes, America’s political climate is indeed troublesome. I do believe that math principles are very “set.” If not we could not do the things in outer space which are based on math, distance, time, space. Science based on those things are fairly basic and true. Thanks for your comment.

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