The Christmas season turns our minds to Jesus.  I have written other posts regarding names that label, identify, or describe the Man, Jesus Christ.  For this series I will be presenting evidence of the importance of God’s names and tying them into names of his Son, Jesus.  Thus, the beginning …….

     “In the beginning, Phlygt, existed.”

     “In the beginning, a Mtsvegy lived in a deep marshy swamp.”

     “In the beginning, Lngvery built a house.”

    What or who is a Phlygt?  Is Phlygt only an idea, like love? Or, perhaps an equation such as 2 + 2 equals 4?  Air, maybe?  Nothingness?  What about a Mysvegy?  It must be matter of some sort – an amoebae, a fungus, a monster?  But how can that be?  If a Mtsvegy lived in a deep marshy swamp, the swamp must have been before Mtsvegy.  Or, maybe Mtsvegy was first and he created the swamp around him.  Have you heard of a Lngvery?  What do you know about him, or it?  Maybe it is big since it, or he could build a house.  But, then again, an ant can build an ant hill even though it is much smaller than the hill it builds.  To know anything about a Phlygt, he/it would have to reveal itself to us or some other witness. Same with the other non-entities.

Well, these non-entities did not exist, but GOD did. And He has revealed Himself to us in various ways, through nature, through His word, through Jesus. And he has also revealed various facets of Himself through his names.

     “In the beginning, God created the world.”    That statement standing alone tells no more than the statements regarding Phlygt, Mtsvegy, and Lngvery.  Since God was in the beginning, there is only God to reveal as much about Himself as He wishes.  Man can know no more about God than what God reveals to him, or to others who give testimony about Him. But man can know much less about God than He has revealed. 

He wants us to know Him. When Moses asked God what name to use to declare himself, God said, I AM. So we see right off that God is eternal past and eternal future. There is/was/never will be a time without God.

In what ways has God revealed Himself to you? Is he an enigma, much like a Phlygt or a Mtsvegy? Is he too “vague” for you to bother with? He wants you to know Him. He knows you.

(God’s names/Jesus, part 1)

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8 Responses to GOD, THE I AM

  1. Amen. Love this: “Since God was in the beginning, there is only God to reveal as much about Himself as He wishes. Man can know no more about God than what God reveals to him, or to others who give testimony about Him. But man can know much less about God than He has revealed.”

    Blessings from mighty King Jesus.

  2. Frank Hubeny says:

    Good point. We can know much less about God than He has revealed.

  3. Faye says:

    Great points and teaching being raised. Paul’s teaching in 1 Cor. 1 Chapter 2 are great reflections to ponder here. How is God revealing Himself still TODAY.? Personal relationship and the Wisdom of GOD revealed to those who love Him through GOD the HOLY Spirit. Thank God for Who He is in Deity……Father, Son and SPIRIT. the One who ever LIVES! Ever revealing himself. Blessings and thank you.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Thanks, Faye. The fact that He is three in one is hard to understand, but it does help me get my mind around how he is able to deal so personally with us, yet be so “untouchable.”

  4. And so grateful for that fact…..the alwaysness of God.

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