CHECK THIS #11 – truck

You can’t see it much, but that white sign at the top of the truck says, “TRUMP.” How long will it be before a small business truck driver labels “BIDEN” on his truck?

I like a new truck that passed that said “MADE IN THE USA” but I can’t find the pictures I took.

Those might be sentiments I never see again. We Trump folks will probably be very hesitant to label our vehicles with “MADE IN CHINA.” On second thought, China might order us to do so. How long would that take? About as long as it took to make us cover our faces.

Check This – Having something worth saying in less than 103 words.  This one is 103.

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10 Responses to CHECK THIS #11 – truck

  1. pranabaxom says:

    No wonder it looks like a dump.

    Made in the USA? What a joke. All the Trump brands are made in China, may be even those MAGA hat(e)s.

  2. pranabaxom says:

    Oneta, you know well that I will never look down on poverty or poor people.
    However when in a democracy cult following raises its ugly head, alarm bells should sound in the mind of reasonable people.
    Behavior of the POTUS after November 3, 2020 suggests very clearly that what he cares is only about himself, country be damned.

    Other than that, no more comment on his and his blind supporters’ actions at this moment is a waste of time as no mind is going to be changed.

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