Oh, dear, January is half over and nobody has asked my advice for a 2021 theme for their church. I so much wanted to be consulted! I was all ready to say – let’s blaze new trails and go to something like “repent and be baptized” or “trust and obey” or “stand up and walk straight” or “confess your sins and make restoration.” Maybe even “choose Jesus” – throw his name into an unexpected place.

Well, there’s always next year. But if any of you know a church that has leanin’s toward the above suggestions, please let me know.


Now on a serious note, it is time for the church to do what church is called to do which is closer to my above suggestions than “live big,” “have a blast.” and “come and be blessed.”

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  1. There’s a word we don’t see so much these days that pops up frequently in the Bible … discipleship. Oh, and phrases like “die to self”, “deny yourself”, or “take up your cross and follow me” 🙂

  2. Frank Hubeny says:

    “Have a blast” or “live big” do seem like poor themes for a church. I like all those you mentioned that include obedience and repentance.

  3. Faye says:

    Back to the CROSS. Teaching is needed. Information on why it was and is necessary The coming to this world of GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT (GOD ALMIGHTY). Why??? Why has the church compromised with the world? Constant REPENTENCE is necessary and constant change to be like HIM. , No evangelism unless you KNOW HE is a PERSONAL God and not another religion.
    Not a church that makes people happy but a 2021 force to stand UNITED against the Evil eroding our societies. SIN everywhere needs to be dealt with AT The CROSS. Christ finished the work Now let God the Holy Spirit strengthen us to STAND against the enemy,
    My heart is crying. CHURCH STAND, Empowered and HOLY. JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!!!

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