1. Whoa, now, Cuomo does have himself in a fix. Those women are coming after him and they are being noticed. Now women coming after most Democrats are generally easily ignored. Who was that who said Biden was too touchy-feely or something like that. Problem for Cuomo was that he was already down because of nursing home/covid deaths. Since it seems one has to listen to women sometime, we’ll listen to those blaming the already-dead Cuomo. Hey, works with the MeToo people and does not have to sacrifice another Democrat.
  2. Follow the science. That’s the call. Yeah, science has proven there are two genders, male and female. And aren’t those ultra-sound wonderful to see that real live baby sucking its thumb or playing with it’s toes while it is still in the mother. That is fantastic science!
  3. Surely I need to note something from Dr. Fauci this week. How about two masks must be better than one? I got a kick out of some response this week pointing out that there might come a time when one might smother.
  4. Had some fun. I googled “what did President Biden do today?” I got a picture of Jill making a fashion statement with her new boots.
  5. I did a bit of family research today regarding the doll in the picture. It was given to my son when he was two years old by my Great Aunt Lizzie. I finally found her in the family tree, I think. I love the doll. He is in good shape except for one cloudy looking eye. He spends a lot of time there in my entry.
  6. I wish I had paid more attention to the things my mother knew that I didn’t and don’t.
  7. Yes, I did listen to President Trump. All of it. Yelled USA with the rest and the best.
  8. Insurrection? Yeah. With a half dozen clubs strong enough to break out windows. Did you see that the capitol policeman who died was NOT killed with a fire extinguisher or any other instrument? At least according to his mother who said she believed he had had a stroke. That takes the “murders” down that day to one – the woman the capitol policeman shot. President Trump’s supporters sure don’t know how to turn a riot into an insurrection.
  9. I’ve been reading that I need to turn less white. I’m on with that. I’m growing brown spots almost everywhere. I always thought they were old age spots; if so, they come at a very convenient time for me to become “woke” and doing my part to stop becoming less white.
  10. I never have been able to figure out how Donald J. Trump divided the country. Check this out, President Obama was voted for President in 2008 and again in 2012. Isn’t that right? We must have been pretty united to vote a black man to be president. So until after 2012, we were united with President Obama. But in 2015, President Trump came on the scene and divided the nation. No, the nation was already divided or Donald Trump would never have become President. So, when did we become divided? Must have happened between 2012 and 2015. Who was in charge? Who divided the nation? If it wasn’t President Obama, it must have been Hillary. Obviously half did not want her.
  11. As I understand it the Supremes sanctioned banning singing and chanting in churches? Is that right? Saying it was based on scientific date. I was raised in church – singing. I maintain that singing makes ones lungs strong. Look at the lungs of people who learned to sing in church – Whitney, Elvis, Reba, the list is long. I sure had a lot of relatives who could blast out a tune, no amplification needed.
  12. I’m going to a doctor again. Some test. I’ve been referred to an ENT doctor because of sounds in my ears at night, interfering with sleep.
  13. Meanwhile, I remember scriptures like Psalms 127:2 “ It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep.” HIS BELOVED!!! REST EASY, BELOVED.

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9 Responses to BAKER’S DOZEN

  1. Frank Hubeny says:

    Good point. Science (and common sense) prove that there are two and only two genders. I enjoyed listening to Trump’s speech as well.

    • Oneta Hayes says:

      Thanks, Frank, for the comment. Science is always right when it agrees with the Bible. It can be quite unreliable when it sets out to prove a point that is in conflict with God’s laws.

  2. says:

    Great list. I especially enjoyed #9. I too am slowly turning into a brown person, with many of those same spots. As for becoming woke, I think that might be a real problem for me. I’m enjoying these quiet days and nights too much.

  3. floridaborne says:

    We are consciousness having a human experience. The efforts to divide us into categories tries to take away our connection to our creator.

    It’s hard to imagine why people can look at China and NOT understand that the end game is to be rid of all religions and anyone will not walk in lock-step to the manifesto. I suppose people are rushing into being identified by their fleshly categories.

    • oneta hayes says:

      You are right about the end game. Robots who do as we are told. Meanwhile we a fed a diet of reasons to hate each other. Sad. We are human beings, two sexes the only legitimate division. The effort is to make that division non-existent and divide by almost any other way, especially by color.

  4. The reason we don’t believe Biden’s accusers is because it wouldn’t be convenient. Some of those swing state people might vote for Trump! Cuomo a safe bet, because he’s in a solid blue state, and is sure to be replaced by another Democrat, so no worries.

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