Ran onto this and think it is good for another round. Anyway I need reminding. I have no time if He doesn’t give it to me.

Sweet aroma


Is it beginning to be old hat 

My constant harping. – that

You can be a friend of God.

Don’t you think that it is odd 

People turn down such an offer

Choosing rather to be a scoffer!

 The Bible tells of people who

Stuck with him, like sticky glue

Enoch, Moses, and Abraham

 David, Jeremiah, and Adam

All such different sorts of men

But God called each of them his friend.

Some are known for flagrant sin,  others seemed to be very good men

Some military geniuses, others not; some rich, others not;

Some educated, others not; some political, others not;

Some powerful, others not; some well-known, others not.

So what DID they have that WE have got?

We all have in the same measure

What to God is his pleasure.

They returned to him, what he gave to them.

And he wants from us, without fuss,

just what…

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10 Responses to WHAT GOD VALUES

  1. A good reminder … definitely worth another round 🙂

  2. Faye says:

    The ONLY meaningful and eternal reminder to be repeated over and over. Thank you. For us now a Grace GIFT won for us at the cross. Keep writing from the perspective of what IS your Biblical TRUTH.

  3. ahtdoucette says:

    All God really wants is our time. So true. ❤

  4. So glad you shared it again! Makes me think of the Five Love Languages book — quality time definitely makes Him feel loved!

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