Chap 18  A lot here about sexual sins.  We cannot live like the world lives with all its sinful sexual practices; we must obey God.  Sanctioned sex is honorable between married partners—a man and a woman who are faithful to each other. America’s craziness in accepting almost all “sex between consenting adults” has led to a lot of unfulfillment, disease, and broken hearts among “those consenting adults.”

Chap 19  I think you will like to read this chapter.  It is the basis for a lot of present day laws.  I find them interesting, satisfying to see how many of our laws are based right there in Leviticus. It also includes another account of the Ten Commandments.

Chap 20:4,5  I think it is a stern warning regarding abortion.  In the practices of that day it is regarding child sacrifice made to the idol, Molech.  God said those who watched and did nothing will be punished!  This is somewhat like Chap 5:1 if we witness wrong doing we are also responsible if we let it go unchallenged.  This principle is very much needed in our country at this time.  Especially as it relates to abortion, homosexuals, drugs, greed, dishonest judges, and many other things.  We need to speak up, try to do right, pray, and vote for honest leaders.  One of the senators recently said, God was not a concern for congress!  With that attitude no wonder we suffer God’s judgment.

Chap 23:22  Be generous.  Don’t use all your assets for yourself.  Give to the unfortunate.

Chap 26:1-13  Promised blessings for the obedient; 14-39 punishment for disobedience.

Verse 40 is Good News as it presents forgiveness for those who confess and repent. It is required that they repent for father’s sins also. This is a question/situation I am unsure about. But I think there might be some truth to that need. We cannot change the past for their actions on earth or for their souls, but we could be more broken-hearted for what they allowed to happen.

You see Leviticus has some very important stuff mixed in with some hard reading stuff.  If you learn the things I’ve pointed out to you, you will be far ahead of most folks.  Don’t get bogged down in the sacrifices, feasts, priests garments, etc.   Just take what is helpful to you.  It reminds me of Mark Twain who said, “It ain’t the parts of the Bible that I don’t understand that bothers me; it’s the parts that I do understand.”  So, don’t worry about the part I’m not telling you, just get the part I’m giving you!  Then sometime read all of Leviticus for curiosity.  Maybe you will find important lessons to point out to me.

For some discussion of how Leviticus points to Jesus Christ go to

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  1. Frank Hubeny says:

    I like that quote from Mark Twain.

  2. pranabaxom says:

    “…vote for honest leaders…” hmm, seems like the preacher forgot to practice like being religiously done in religion 😀.

  3. says:

    Thanks for bringing this tedious book into the light.

    • oneta hayes says:

      One thing for sure, it should give us even more for the sacrifice Jesus made to lay aside the old way. Thanks, Kathy. It changes completely the need for more sacrifices, however, the need for holiness (holy and righteous living) still stands. Well, Jesus’ sacrifice made that possible also. Jesus! Our answer.

  4. Faye says:

    This is very HELPFUL. Thank you for continuing your insights and sharing. In the Light of cultural extremes and our new Covenant understanding of Jesus and why following Him is not a religion but about relationship with God , it is exceptionally valuable.

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