This post is part of SoCS: Aim of SoCS challenge, write something that this word brings to mind, may, write with little editing or planning.

Aww,  “may” is the word.  Quite appropriate on this first day of May; however, it is not my first thought of “may.”  My first thought is that of playing with the two boys this week.  I directed some of it; their NaNa  directed some.  We played “Mother, may I?” 

A great game for six and seven year olds, as it allows them to be rambunctious while following directions that demand control. 

The game has been around forever.  I know, because I played it when I was a child.  According to Google is has survived over a period of three hundred years.  Just think, my great-great-great-grandparents probably played it. 

We did not do the described version of it which suggests the leader (mother, father, captain) turn backs and children call out such requests as “Mother, may I take three bunny hops?”  Our version has mother watching as she says “Thomas, take three turtle steps” or some other such order.  Thomas must respond by saying “Mother, may I?”  She responds “Yes.”  So Thomas obeys. 

I read online that an advantage of this game is that there is no body contact.  Of course, that would be a big “woke” advantage.  I had never thought of that as a advantage before. 

“Red Rover, Red Rover, send Sally right over” would definitely not be a “woke” approved game.  Some big guys (or gals) can really slam into those little clasped hands gripping tightly to each other on the other team.   Sometimes the little ones just turn lose and let the big ones go through. 

I see advantages to both, some games with body contact; others, without. 

Since my subject is “may,” however, let me get back to “Mother,  may I?” 

I think my teachers used this game as a way to teach the difference between “may” and “can.”  Pretty smart activity.  Advantage.

The game demands some concentration as the players listen for instructions.  Concentration.  Advantage.

Moving the body is required.  Movement. Advantage.

Creativity is required as the child has to image how they are going to “creep like a turtle,” “hop like a bunny,” “take two scissor-steps,” “step like a grandpa,” “take baby steps,” and anything else the leader can come up with.   Creativity.  Advantage.

And, being me, I might say “Robert, hold Betty’s hand and both of you “take two giant steps.”  That’s because I’m not woke and I like to give a good excuse for a little hand holding.  😀

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6 Responses to MOTHER, MAY I?

  1. Isn’t it amazing how some of the best games are the oldest and least complicated?

  2. ghostmmnc says:

    I sure liked playing that game when I was a kid, and my girls liked playing it, too. My grand-daughter does too. What’s fun, too, is when the kids get a little older they get to be the leader and make us grown ups do the actions, asking Mother May I. 🙂

    • oneta hayes says:

      I’m sure I would forget. My mind would immediately think “how do I do that” and the move would begin. Go back to the beginning. I know because I get caught on “Simon says.”

  3. Games after my own heart— let’s not forget Old Maid humm..
    Or kick the can!!

    • oneta hayes says:

      We didn’t have Old Maid in my childhood, but yes, it is a good game. Now, kick the can was big time. Lots of fun. I haven’t done that with my little ones. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll have to look up the rules. I’ve forgotten. In a few years you can do these with your babies and their friends.

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