PUT ME IN REMEMBRANCE, talking to God about death, part two

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Several years ago I wrote a paper called “Put Me In Remembrance,” which was I was inspired to do at the bidding of Isaiah 43:26 where God said, “Put me in remembrance…..”

God keeps record of my acts for him, but I cannot find that He keeps any record of what he does for me. Am I going to allow his wonderful acts to me to be unrecorded? I wish I had kept record. But this will be my attempt to “put him in remembrance” and let him know how very, very much he means to me. The paper is addressed to God. 

To God: Well, Lord, I went on a rambling spree there, didn’t I?  Getting back to the subject of death.  Some people seem to be willing to go through anything to avoid death; others would rather die than be in extended pain; some suicides indicate some people would even rather die than lose their independence or be unhappy.  I somewhat understand all of that, but basically I don’t want to die until you’re ready to take me, neither do I want to live after you’re ready.  I think there are few things as tragic as a Christian staying alive on life support, yet I don’t think I could “pull the plug” on anyone. 

There is a saying, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”  Oh, what a tangled web begun, when half-true lies fell from the serpent’s tongue!  The “tree to be desired to make one wise” has resulted in such a tangle of technology!  “Ye shall be as gods, knowing good from evil” was the enticement  but the line between good and evil seems to be beyond man’s judgment.  Where does the wisdom relating to good and evil come in, in cloning?  Even worse, the reaping of fetus organs!  But man’s response is “Look how many lives we can save!”  And increasing the average life span of man is the most noble goal in the medical community.  How much is that average raised by medicated, drugged and distressed men and women lying in hospitals and rest homes?   If aborted babies were figured in, with  zero life spans, we would not have achieved much!  How much I want to be in your hands, the ultimate in wisdom, love, mercy and judgment!  (Lord, I remind myself this was to be a paper of my remembrances of your mercies to me.  I got on a kick there, didn’t I?)

But it is good to talk to you.  Death?  You know all about it and you said  the death of saints is precious to you.  Maybe that means because you like us to come home to you.  You know that will be our ultimate victory!


Readers, this completes my notes from Put Me in Remembrance. If you have not yet talked to Him about death, do so. He will ease your mind.

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