This post is part of SoCS: Aim of SoCS challenge, write something that prompt – closest thing to you on your left – brings to mind. Write with little editing or planning.

On my desk to my left are three folders, two of which I have written about already.  The third is a composition called A Response to “Who Stole My Church,” in which there was much criticism of the traditional church and promotion of what I felt was new “trendy” kinds of churches.  Being very traditional, if one can be traditional in a Pentecostal way, I wrote a response.  Blew off some steam for myself only.  So today I will give you a peek into my response by copying a few excerpts.

Excerpts from my response.

1. Before the middle of the twentieth century, Christians in America were largely uninvolved in the political and cultural influences of the country  In fact, they were even uninvolved with each other…..

2. Then, whammo!  Some stupid atheist went to the Supreme Court and got prayer taken out of schools;  Elvis was wiggling all over; the long-haired Beatles were claiming to be more well-known than Jesus; Woodstock happened; and TV put single beds in the bedrooms!  That was wake up time…..

3. We found that after all we were not much different from each other.  Mega-churches popped up.  …. Songs became all “worship and praise.”  Why quibble?  We’ll sing songs that join us.  And issues like the blood, the cross, the rapture, the hereafter, holiness, brokenness, and healing were dropped by the way……

4. I remember how aghast we were in Pentecost when we heard that songs about the blood had been removed by some denominations.  Never us!  No, but we just got rid of the whole songbook!…That took care of the Blood!

5. How in the world did that happen?  That came about with the Advent of the Music Ministers.  These marvelously talented men and women could do it all!  ….

Well, so that is what is on my desk on my left.  I gave you a glimpse of my rant.  😀 

Happy Saturday before Child Birther’s Day! Oh, my! Will our idiocy every reach full bloom?


This post is part of SoCS: Aim of SoCS challenge, write something that this prompt brings to mind. Write with little editing or planning.

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6 Responses to AT MY LEFT? A RANT

  1. Love even a ‘prompted’ rant— but aren’t all rants prompted?? 🤣🥳

  2. oneta hayes says:

    You have a point. The prompt has to be explosive enough to fire the trigger. 😀

  3. says:

    Happy Mother’s Day.

  4. floridaborne says:

    I was in Jr. High when I read the last Bible passage in 7th grade.

    Our death knell rang at the passage of the 16th amendment over 100 years ago. We allowed the nails in the coffin: Too much tolerance, and too much faith in the “ethics” of our leaders. Now, when we look back, we wonder why our parents didn’t rise up the moment a federal tax was created. I suppose it was the same reason the legislators were told by Pelosi to pass Obamacare and then read it. We couldn’t imagine the treachery and the lies that have all but taken our country from us. The question is, what will be left of America in 20 years? Will it look like Venezuela, the USSR, or Nazi Germany had they won the war?

  5. Faye says:

    I appreciated your rant and can certainly say it resonates with me. MUsic ministries is one reason why we now worship at home and experience the Truth once again of God’s Presence when Word and Worship are HIM focussed and we sing of His atoning blood when the scriptures indicate. Thank You.

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