From four years ago. Worth another thought. Especially now that USA citizens are taking such a serious look at socialism. What a bill of goods, the Biden administration is getting by with by presenting these trillion dollar pots of gold – in the name of love but completely lacking love.

Governments can give food, churches can give food, charities can give food. Throw money in the pot and distribute money, throw food in the pot and distribute food, but there is no way to throw love into the pot and distribute love. Love can only be given by individuals, alone or in the group. Jesus says to love your neighbor as yourself. How many of us give thousands of dollars to missions but have never bought even a potted plant for a neighbor? Think of how well loved King David was; yet in Psalms 142:4, he says, “no man cared for my soul.” If David felt like that, think of how many people we meet who are crying out for someone to care.

As for me, yes, I have given my alms through the church.  I think that is a safe way, and the least likely place to waste my contributions.  But, I really could afford a potted plant for a neighbor if I would just do it!

I think I will look for someone for whom I can “open the pot of love” and let a sweet aroma poor out.  I’m accountable.  I’ll let you know.  Now that ought to spur me on to good works!.  I can’t imagine coming back and telling you I could find no one to accept any “love” from me today!

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  1. Faye says:

    WELL written. Profound truth. In the middle of any disaster all the food, care, etc etc only fixes the outward. Unless Divine Love and the MESSAGE OF THE CROSS is dispensed at the same time ultimate spiritual death ensues.

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