Old Jack Elder discovered the mountain spring when he was a young man. He wanted to keep it from being plugged by nature’s debris. What better way than to build a shelter. He put up a sign to invite thirsty hikers to his cooling water. His invitation was accepted by lovers, lookers, and loggers who responded with contented “aha’s” and satisfying sighs. However, the spring has not been used for many years. Now-a-days walkers carry purified water in plastic bottles, casting them aside when they are empty. “Strange behavior for environmental enthusiasts,” old Jack mused as new generations led protests.


PHOTO PROMPT © Alicia Jamtaas

One hundred work picture prompt. Challenge hosted by Rochelle.

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11 Responses to ACTIONS VS WORDS

  1. Strange behavior, indeed.
    My husband, who has a degree in environmental engineering, noted how we health nuts spend money on pitchers with filters that take all the minerals out of the water, then spend more money on supplements to make sure we get enough minerals. 🤦💸

  2. Excellent! People carry plastic bags to pick up dog ‘poop’ then leave the bags! Hypocrites all. lol

    • oneta hayes says:

      I am for picking up the poop, but what to do with it? I’ll believe “plastic” haters are serious when they go back to cloth diapers!

      • There are pros and cons to using cloth diapers in regards to the environment. The frequent use of water and detergent also has a down side. 😉
        It’s like those Lithium batteries for electric powered cars, mining Lithium desperately defaces the Earth… there are no perfect answers.

        • oneta hayes says:

          I well know the downside! Hard on hands for sure. That’s all I had for first son. There were some kind of plastic liners by the time the second arrived I don’t remember when we started using the plastic pants over the diapers. There are ups and downs to most issues (accept moral ones). Thanks for the comment. I didn’t know about the Lithium.

  3. Faye says:

    GREAT thought-provoking post. We now have a beautiful very small island off our coast… Protected by Heritage listing NOW except to tourists and the mighty $ which has destroyed land crabs. 4 wheel drives travel on the sand and native species risk extinction. BUT…………?? beautiful world known Island. is a great tourist spot. I Grieve for what was. one day!

  4. Very strange indeed. An excellent take on the prompt!

    • oneta hayes says:

      thank you. Sometimes it is a problem to know which issue is more important. But mankind will always be more important than plants and animals. God gave man the responsibility for taking care of the earth so it is not a completely neutral issue.

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