The Tree Worshipers met in exclusive conference to resolve the question, “Why did Giant Tree allow itself to be hone down to this image?”

“So it could understand man,” some said. “Tree cannot understand man in the same measure man cannot understand women.”

“So it could ingratiate itself with man,” was the report of the Committee to Explore the Understandable. “The intention was to get great PR which might lead to a nomination for President sometime in the near future.”

The Bishop for Worship was consulted, his advice was quickly dismissed; all the Trees knew he had paid for his position by bribery, not because he was respected for his wisdom.

“I think it was so we could see what God looks like,” reported the intelligentsia for the Big Five Universities. “It is true that the Environmental Science Lab has thoroughly studied this modern relic and the consensus is that they feel something spiritual about it. It seems to go beyond scientific study.”

The National Network sent out tips to all radio and television sub-stations. They had long ago banned any connection with paper media as it was extremely violent on trees of all ages. With the help of Big Tech, 97% of the tree population had heard of the Tree God within three days.

A National Holiday was declared. Fortunately it happened in the fall so the new winter calendars could mark the date in neon letters. This began the new Religious Sect called the Pulp Worshipers.

The naysayers say it is nothing except a whittled down piece of log; that it is foolish to worship something a man can carve. They call it an idol and mock those who worship it, also ridiculing those who took the carved droppings away to make a bonfire for a wiener roast. .

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Tree Man – Image by Willowdot21

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  1. says:


  2. Clever!
    There are people who think there’s no humor in the Bible, but a couple of the prophets seemed to have enjoyed poking fun at men worshiping things they had made themselves.

  3. When I first saw your title I thought it was going to deal with a story I caught in the news about a group of folks being arrested in the lumber department of a Home Depot for attempting to preform an exorcism— intrigued I read a bit further— seems a group was exorcising the lumber’s spirit — nuts in the Home Depot

  4. Faye says:

    Great thought provoking post. Tree huggers here claim a deep spiritual connection. Sadly if the tree is felled they simply transfer affection to another. I’m finding such deeper meanings in so much as life journeys on. LOOKING UP is where sanity remains. Blessings

    • oneta hayes says:

      It is beyond comprehension for those of us who know a living Savior to understand how anyone can worship idols, inanimate objects. They can’t hear, speak, see, or even stand on their own; how can they help us!

  5. judeitakali says:

    Quite the emotion in this.

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