AFTERMATH (8th anniversary) Part 8

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There were some other images but I think they happened after I was moved into a room.  I was convinced at one point that a nurse was trying to poison me—some nurse probably trying to get me to take medicine.  I saw faces as though I was looking through a book, a picture on each page.  One page had two faces on it.  I believe those were nurses who were assigned to me after I was out of surgery.

I cannot claim this experience, as related in Part 7) was peaceful.  There were comforting moments or images but I was greatly conflicted by the pulling back and forth through the loop.  It seemed like if I couldn’t safely stay on the first side, I wouldn’t be “me” anymore.  That probably doesn’t make sense.  At this time I marvel that for those many hours I had enough oxygen to my brain to come out still being “me.”  Maybe that conflict came about by things I could hear the doctors say.  Perhaps I knew they were have a difficult time keeping me here.

I’m glad I did not die.  After the intense pain at the moment of the attack, I felt no pain and had complete peace.  Folks were praying all around me. I believe that is the reason I am alive and still have a functioning brain! But if I had died, I don’t believe death itself would have been painful or fearful. 

There were some very funny things happened in the midst of these 15 days in Denver. I’m running out of steam, but maybe I’ll rejuvenate and tell you some of them. I think they are posted somewhere maybe I can find them. But for now, this 8th anniversary subject is completed with this ending – a note I got from Shelly (a Denver cousin) who sent this to me today on Facebook:

Thank you for sharing. I was in constant prayer for you (as many were for you) and came to check on you at the hospital post-operation, once you were down the mountain. I sat and talked with Carl in the waiting room and most likely prayed for you(not that your experience was us, but just saying). It was only a few months after losing my dad so it really hit home. You were not alone one minute as you were on this journey as you had so many prayer warriors surrounding you, especially those who prayed in the spirit for you in other languages. You have been a walking miracle for 8 years now.

(Shelly on Facebook July 4th, 2021)

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9 Responses to AFTERMATH (8th anniversary) Part 8

  1. says:

    Your story is such a tribute to the Hand of God in our destiny. I had a similar (out of body (Out of body) experience when I had a hysterectomy at the age of 30. It was in the recovery room when my blood pressure plummeted putting me into shock. I truly felt the same tug of war you .to. So glad we’re still here to share the story, but as I grow older I know the day will come and I actually am excited for it to arrive

    • oneta hayes says:

      Thanks for sharing this, especially that “tug of war” experience. I would say there was no fear of death but the body did not want to give up. I guess that is a good thing. For those who are depressed or “ready” to turn loose their earthly affairs perhaps there would not be this tug.

  2. floridaborne says:

    A testament that life goes on after the body turns to dust.

  3. Thank you for sharing your incredible testimony and the power of prayer over this series of posts. It has been really encouraging to read and the honesty with how you have shared your experiences.

  4. Faye says:

    Thank you again for the sharing. It is inspirational.
    The reason why I am so passionate to complete now as I’M getting older, My life Memoir is to show others the God I discovered IN and THROUGH the valleys. At the age of six I asked “If You really are the God Above please SHOW Me WHO You are.” He has and did.
    He is the God of Salvation for human souls. Jesus indeed came to show THE WAY through the Cross, ,,His shed Blood and the path to follow to Eternity. You are such a living testimony Blessings. .

    • oneta hayes says:

      You can staple the experience down to the year. I know that is satisfying. I basically just remember always praying to him as my Savior. I had lots of occasions to pray prayers of repentance since then also. Perfection wasn’t not instant, still ongoing.

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