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In my circle I hear a lot of Republicans in Congress criticized for not sticking to their guns! They make campaign promises that they don’t keep once they settle in Washington. They find out they can’t get what they want so they settle for what they can get. My heart goes out to them because I lean toward thinking they have no choice. See I wouldn’t win any election!

Imagine how far I would get promising to banish Roe vs Wade —- if I can. But even if I can’t save every conceived child, I am going to save those I can. If I’m going into a burning building where I know there are six babies, I’m going for the one or two I can carry even if I can’t get all. So I favor a compromise sometimes.

No! We do not need fence sitters! So if you don’t want Biden’s three trillion dollar infrastructure bill, you want zero, don’t send me. I would likely vote for a 1.3 Trillion Dollar Bill. But I think I would stick to it being for infrastructure for the nation like bridges and roads, not for nice hospitality.

But God seldom compromises. Well I will tell you a tale of how God dealt with the problem one time. See the story in Exodus 8:28, 23:33, 34:12-16.

Pharaoh wanted to make a deal with Moses. Pharaoh offers compromise Just go out a little way and make your sacrifices here in this land, but Moses said no. Pharaoh said then go to the desert, but not very far. Moses said no. This effort by Pharaoh continues but Moses’ refusal to compromise finally ended by the Egyptians giving them their silver and gold and telling them to get out of there.

Now that doesn’t mean I am advising the Republicans to refuse to compromise. I’m wishy-washy that way. But I am pleading for a bit of sticking with one’s guns on Constitutional matters like gun ownership, honest elections, right to life, justice for all, and equal rights for all men/women. Surely we could unify on those issues!

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  1. Faye says:

    What we won’t compromise on in the middle of lots of compromise depends indeed on WHO you follow. My heart because of my father’s refusaL to have any firearms near innocent children makes me passionate about ‘gun control.’ . What is in the WORD cannot be compromised upon. Thank you for blog.

    • oneta hayes says:

      I didn’t receive many likes today on my “compromise” post. Perhaps “gun control” is one of the issues. Thanks for your comment. I remember so much how I hated daddy’s guns. I felt so sorry for those poor rabbits. Then I heard about the rabbit roundups that occurred because of the number of rabbits eating crops Roundups in which the rabbits were chased into the corner of a fence and killed with clubs. Daddy’s guns seemed far less violent. My issue is based on two things. First our Constitution. We have a legal way to change the gun laws. Let it be done by an amendment as other issues have been handled. Second: There is a need for people to be armed as protection from a tyrannical government. Most Christians believe we should put loyalty to God and the Bible before the Constitution or any other man made law. But we sure can allow a lot of interpretations of what God’s law means which allows a lot of compromising even on the Word.

  2. It’s hard to get just two people to agree these days, let alone many people compromising and/or unifying on anything at all. What a crazy, egocentric, and exhausting world we live in!

    • oneta hayes says:

      On real Bible issues such as sanctity of life, I’m quite definite on right and wrong, but I understand the running of a country is not the same as we demand from our family and church. The scripture about “living in peace with all men, as much as is possible” probably means we submit, or compromise, sometimes. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. I think Daniel is the closest example we have in the Bible of how to successfully live and thrive in Christ in our world today. We might all do well to study his life.

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