Yes, the picture above is my choice for the topic of holiness.  Ah, but they are not old enough, they are not dressed right, they do not kneel in prayer, they…..We have so many preconceived ideas of holiness.  Some doctrines see holiness as sanctification.  Okay with me.  Let’s check some more….

Hebrews 12:14 Pursue peace with everyone, as well as holiness,   without which   no one will see the Lord. This scripture indicates how one responses to his fellowman has a lot to do with holiness. Maybe like loving God with all their heart and loving their neighbor as themselves.

The Bible says “without holiness no man shall see God.”  Being “holy” means to be separate and apart from all evil and wickedness and dedicated to good.  It is not a negative thing like giving up all the fun in life. 

Holiness is positive and active. The people of God must be holy in practice as well as separated in position—set apart for God’s use/purpose. The one is meaningless without the other. This sanctifying or separating of His people is, on the part of Jehovah, an act; but the practice of holiness in His people is the working out of that act for themselves.

“I am Jehovah which sanctify you,” but we read in the preceding verse, “Sanctify yourselves therefore, and be ye holy” (Lev. 20:7). God has endowed us with free will. He recognizes that prerogative of free will. He commands His people to be holy but He will not force them to be so….Jehovah would have man’s free and willing separation and holiness, otherwise it is no holiness at all, for without free will it loses its moral character. Therefore this holiness is a process, not an act accomplished once for all. It lasts as long as man shall live and calls for his continued exercise and choice.

Return to the statement near the top. Love God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself. Pretty practical. Definitely possible. Where our efforts fail, Jesus’ blood atones. Nothing weird there.

Many spiritual question we have may take us in circles but it comes back to Jesus’ blood



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9 Responses to BE HOLY, AS I AM HOLY, GOD SAYS

  1. biloxigal43 says:

    Faith in the living God is crucial right now! This is a Holy War, Light versus the darkness! But yet God created both, it is up to our free will to determine! God has been hiding the true believers in his shadow of protection. It is up to each Believer as to how long they will stay hidden or step out with the blood of Jesus to combat the sins of America. We are in a dark place in America but by the mercy of God he will also release us from this bondage occurring by our elected officials. Everyone thinks we should wait for God to deliver us from evil. It is time for the faithful in the Church to rise up and keep the covenant with God, just like the founding fathers! God will be in front of you, be not afraid for fear is Satan’s domain. We are at a pivotal point in history! Please 🙏 for the unwavering Christian Patriots that are fighting to make America Great again! It’s only through the Father God Almighty that this is accomplished! Give him praise and listen for he is speaking to all of faith. The Bible is the weapon of God! It’s not to late, whistle blowers will be coming forward with proof! Get everyone to pray for America, God has heard these prayers! Join the fight, it is not just for America God’s fight is for the World! Thank you for bringing a calmness to your blog! Amen and God’s speed to all!!!✝️🇺🇸🔥🙏

    • oneta hayes says:

      Biloxigal, thanks for this bold call of action on the part of Christians. We definitely fall into two major divisions – both of which do not disturb the devil very much. We either go along to get along in the name of seeking peace or we remain hidden. You are right, it is time to take action in calling out evil most especially when we see it in our own ranks.

  2. says:

    The signs are everywhere. It’s so obvious, yet we refuse to see it. It’s kind of like the man who was sitting on top of his roof in a flood, waiting to be rescued. When a helicopter flew over, he refused help, because He knew God was going to save him. When a man came by in a boat and tried to convince the other to join him and be saved, he refused for the same reason. The signs of the end are apparent. When we continue to believe that God is in control and He has a plan to create order out of the mess, we have the best life preserver there is.

    • oneta hayes says:

      He is our life preserver while we are on the roof, but we are of very little use if we cannot make contact with those who are “not on the roof.” God says for us not to trust in “horses and chariots” but that does not mean we should not get on the horse. We trust in God but ride the horse he tells us to ride. 😀

  3. pranabaxom says:

    “Hebrews 12:14” – 100% in agreement. That’s why I am at peace with you partner.
    👍 to your 5000 steps.

    • oneta hayes says:

      I’m not at all aggressive if I live in Hebrews 12:14. But it is entirely a different matter my love for mankind means I warn him that the bridge is out and he is enjoying his merry ride into the river. Then it is “don’t tell me what to do” and I shut up and let him plunge into the water. But it will not be water that he plunges into.

  4. Faye says:

    A holy God cannot accept hearts that are not PURE before Him. Covered by the blood we are being sanctified by the Spirit within. No nation (Including America) will stand against evil unless pure hearts repent and pray for mercy upon ALL. .

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