Roughly? What kind of school knows roughly how many students have gone to Afghanistan? Oh, a California school.

Interesting. You should probably read it. Of course, yours truly agrees. As I write this a news flash says the Supreme Court lets this six week ban stay in effect. Thank you, Lord.

Sad. I’m guessing it didn’t have anything to do with politics. Don’t know. I’m sure it will be political, however, because of gun or anti-gun hoop-law. I’m figuring this student already broke the law when he obtained the gun. Expect to see more about it.

Sorry this pic is so big. I keep trying to crop it and fail every time. I’m giving up. But my comment about it is that is seems like legitimately newsworthy.

OKAY, SO WHY am I doing this news headline story thing? Because I wanted to point out what is missing. Nothing about President Biden! Of course, he has done nothing newsworthy this week/yesterday.

I guess for USA today readers, no news is good news! Must be: they say the polls still have 41 % of the people say he is doing a good job!

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12 Responses to HEADLINES

  1. Frank Hubeny says:

    I don’t trust those polls, but assuming they are right, I am surprised so many would claim Biden is doing a good job.

    • oneta hayes says:

      I don’t believe anyways near 40% of the people who know all the news believe he is doing a good job. That’s the reason I point out that the media does not tell what he is doing.

  2. Grrrrrrr— to this supposed President

  3. Of course the media wants to move on from the devasting Afghanistan news. They are counting on the news cycle to cover up the devastation of the results. I will not forget sucess being defined as “we got 90% of Americans out”. We do not leave our citizens behind.


    • oneta hayes says:

      Who of us would buy a car that is ninety percent reliable? Then call it a huge success.
      I’ve never been satisfied with 90% of anything except dusting the house and even then I’m only 90% satisfied! He was satisfied to leave 10% behind. Fortunately I hear that vets and other private groups are getting some of the left behind out.

  4. Yinglan says:

    I’m actually and strangely enjoying these posts. I find your views and comments entertaining yet very true and I find myself agreeing with you.

  5. biloxigal43 says:

    As I recall, when he was VP for eight years he was hardly in the news! That’s when Biden was doing his wheeling and dealing! Makes you wonder! I believe that O’Biden’s first and second election may have been stolen as well! Biden is not my President because he is not God’s President. We were already in the cycle for socialism when God stepped in and made a miracle happen! Trump stepped in to office and made the demons mad! That is why he was attackevery moment of his presidency! This has been going on for so long, even before Kennedy was in office. That was the year I was born! Fates of Democrats are not good if you do the right thing! People have died to remain in control in the background. What is even more painful is the Republicans have joined the other side! Abortion needs to be abolished! Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! It is in the Constitution! God’s covenant with the great United States of America! God will keep his covenant with America, God has given people with free will to right this wrong and they like Judus have received their worldly payments! Wake up Church! Soon the enemy will start taking down the aggressors (rioters and occupiers in US) because the enemy doesn’t need them anymore. That’s the point when the enemy will take your freedom and some will give up just to have peace again. There will be no peace! But God has drawn a line in the world, he will have peace! Trust in God and we will have World peace! Finally!!! God’s speed!!!

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