Last post I promised a look at  Acts 2:44-47 in which the N. T. Jesus followers  sold goods and combined resources to take care of the influx of people joining the church.  To do this, let me set the following imaginary scene.



       Right here in my home town, Mustang, OK, we have been overrun with immigrants from the southern border—must be near four thousand or so.  Then to top that off the US government has just settled three thousand more refugees from Afghanistan!  Nearly seven or eight thousand people.  Our town has hotel facilities for about five hundred.  Some of the immigrants have money so they quickly filled those rooms.  Other folks are wandering around not knowing what to do.

     But look! They are all gathering down near the main corner.  Oh, there is a preacher there.  There are drunken speakers—no, they are not drunk.  It seems they are having a religious experience  of some sort.  They are speaking some odd language.  Strange how the people hear and understand those strange words.  Wow!  Many are falling on their faces, asking the preacher what to do.  They want to become a part of his Way. 

       The pastors get together.  “We must teach the new converts about Jesus before they go back to their own settlements.  How can we do that?”  Obviously it is going to take everybody going together to do that.  Some have homes big enough to help; some churches can open their fellowship halls; some will have to have help to feed those who go home with them.  Where will they get the money?  Enthusiastic Christians give as much as they have; some sell the empty lots they own; some sell their extra cars.  But no one can sell their homes or there will be no place to take them.

         So, dear readers, that does not mean they all became communists or socialists, or lived in communes from that day.  No, when the influx of people returned to their new private abodes taking the gospel with them, the people of God (church members) who had helped out during that opportune time returned to the regular routine of their own lives. Many of them, however, did continue teaching the gospel and having fellowship in their homes.

         Sorry, Bernie, you will not be able to take advantage of this crises.  People have returned to their jobs and businesses to take care of themselves and be prepared for the next emergency.

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5 Responses to ACTS 2:44-47 – PETER’S WAY, NOT BERNIE’S

  1. Nice modern day version of Acts 2. 😏 At least it reminded ME of Pentecost.

  2. Thanks for this explanation. I never really understood that. 🙂

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