“I’m just not watching anymore TV,” stated my friend.   We had just attended a meeting in which someone said the mess in our country was our fault, speaking of senior-aged Christians, laying the blame on our lethargy in letting “stuff” happen without speaking up.  I agree completely. 

We have been taught “Live in peace with all men” and “let there be no divisions between you.”  Letters to editors of papers and magazines—almost unheard of; attendance at local political rallies—almost unheard of; protests on the streets—almost unheard of; spitting fire on tweeter—unheard of.  That’s the way it has been!  It is the fault of sleeping Christians.  Too often Christians point out that we do not fight the way the world fights.  Our duty is to put on the armor of God and pray.  Yep.  But do you believe even five percent of people who claim to be Christians do that?  Even if we do that, it does not absolve us of having an obligation to be good citizens of the nation in which we live. 

Meanwhile the evil has crept in tide by tide so it is now a huge wave swamping the land.  Boy scouts have to take girls; “rainbow” no longer represents a promise of God; urinals removed from restrooms because it might offend “persons with no male genitalia;” babies murdered by the millions. 

So it goes.  Evil has overtaken us.  And Christians are weary. 

My nephew, Teral,  put the following scripture on FB this morning. 
And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time. Daniel 7:25 KJ

This is speaking of the anti-Christ.  I do not know whether or not the anti-Christ now lives. But I do know there are things happening right now that are preparing the way for him.  The current “mandate” orders are a significant sign. 

Other translations of the above scripture say “saints are worn down, oppressed, persecuted.”  I am witness to that truth. 

Another interesting thing about this scripture is “think to change times and laws.”  Isn’t that referring to breaking down of traditions and laws?  Looks like it to me.  We are certainly having a change in laws, moral laws, even in Constitutional laws. And traditions? Now it is no longer to talk of mothers and fathers! A combination of anything can be family – if indeed one demands a family at all.


Thanks, Teral, for the scripture today.

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  1. biloxigal43 says:

    It is not time yet so roll up the Rapture mat! Satin has stolen God’s timeline but God is waiting for his children to see! Great exposures of the demon’s plans are being exposed! Turn to the Victory Channel (7 CST) tonight for Flashpoint, it will be great for your soul! Today starts the first day of “Opening the Heavens.” The Prophets have been speaking for a year! This group of prophets are the real deal! Some speak for Jesus and some from God Himself. Heaven has been speaking and if you haven’t been listening, NOW IS THE TIME! Please pass to family and friends! God’s speed Oneta! ✝️🇺🇸🥰

  2. If I might, I’d like to mix this with a repost of IB’s tomorrow—some great mustard and ketchup that I want to add my own little relish to 🙂

  3. Right on target. John the Baptist had a perspective on fighting evil. He lost his head over it. John called evil out. So did Jesus, So did Paul and Peter. We must fight the good fight against the evil all around us.


  4. pranabaxom says:

    Didn’t understand the relationship between the photo and the post.

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