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A couple weeks ago I made a speedy trip to the Dollar Store to buy something for a Fall decor job here in the house. As I hurried down an aisle I saw this doll; I felt an urge to … Continue reading

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I doubt this mother will wear her mask when she takes her child home. Thankfully. The baby will likely learn that a smile indicates pleasure, comfort, love, stability. It will probably see daddy and siblings smile. Smiles equal love, it … Continue reading

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Phillip Homsley eyed the Homsley Star Gazer, into which he put his all for eight years.  It was ready.  “Is it really?”  The question nagged at his conscience.  There was one discrepancy which he had not been able to find, … Continue reading

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David is my late-thirties grandson who has made life an adventure. In the mix he has met some very nice girls but no one really KO’d him until Oriana. She won my heart quickly also. The marriage took place in … Continue reading

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Zechariah was a contemporary to Haggai, calling for repentance at the same time Haggai was calling for the temple to be rebuild.  He begins with a call for repentance, then goes on to describe seven visions:  A Man Among the … Continue reading

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I‘m pretty sure I have posted the following blog before, but I’m doing it again because my heart is heavy for people who claim safety in Christ without it being real. Salvation is not turning over a new leaf. It … Continue reading

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I’m going to a grandson’s wedding tomorrow, so no posts until Monday or Tuesday. Just using a filler today that popped up on Face Book. I love these little get acquainted items, so passing mine on to you. If you … Continue reading

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I joined a group called the Widows Ten We hung together, not needing men. Two got married so we became Eight One dropped out because she was always late. We stayed stable at number Seven ‘Til two passed on and … Continue reading

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This message was given by Haggai to Zerubbabel eighteen years after Cyrus issued the decree that sent the Jews back to Jerusalem from their captivity in Babylon.  This first flux of Jews returned with much enthusiasm but their enthusiasm was … Continue reading

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God has always wanted fellowship with his people. He commanded Moses to make a place for him to dwell, from which He would communicate through a spokesman.  “And let them make me a sanctuary; that I may dwell among them:”  (Ex … Continue reading

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