Buying a starter home is cheaper than rent in two dozen metro real estate markets.

I have been holding this headline for more than a month, but it is too good to pass up without comment.

If buying were not cheaper than renting there would be nothing to rent. Does USA Today think the average Joe who wants to invest in something is going to invest in something in order to lose money.

Not unless they have enough capital to need losses for saving taxes or something like that.

We have bought two homes which we rented out when we moved. Of course, we asked for more than our monthly payment. Had to. Lost a lot of money anyway, considering unpaid rent, maintenance, and having to pay on capital gains – or something like that. We would not have had to pay that if we had sold immediately rather than renting to someone.

Then you have a federal agency like CDC who can order non-eviction for non-payment of rent!

Now I acknowledge there are unfriendly, stern, hostile, even evil landlords, but this “socialistic” mind set is hard on the honest capitalist!

The following comment I made to Julie on her article about people who have been/are wandering in the wilderness.

I’m glad there is still hope in the wilderness, but avoiding the wandering there is best. That is a common ploy planted by the devil. He will say, “O sure, it is wise accept salvation, but that means you have to …..” So too many respond by deciding to wait a few years, until death is nearer. In that wait time, there is likely to be baggage added to one’s life that is a burden on the back for all the rest of life – disease, dependents, depression, addictions, financial woes. Very seldom does one get through years of wilderness without the sandals wearing out.

One thing that can weigh a person down for life is never being able to buy a home because of bad credit or other financial issues while wandering. The quicker one tags onto Jesus Christ and starts living by His principles, the better off he is!


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11 Responses to RENTALS

  1. I loved your quote:

    “The quicker one tags onto Jesus Christ and starts living by His principles, the better off he is!”

    Amen and Amen!

    • oneta hayes says:

      Chances are one will not wreck havoc on his reputation if he tags on before having the opportunity to goof up. However, credit card companies started giving out credit cards to youth even back when my sons were young. That can start a heap of trouble quickly.

  2. Yinglan says:

    Everything is getting so pricey nowadays but I know the two dozens cities included in this list most likely don’t include mine. In my neck of the woods, buying a starter home is cheaper than renting if you bought the house say 4, 5 years ago. I know my house doubled in value in the 4 years since I got it. These days, even a teeny tiny condo on a 0.01 acre lot starts in the 300’s. I think if you calculate it out, renting might be the way to go here. I’m glad though, there are still such cities out there where owning is cheaper than renting.

    • oneta hayes says:

      I’m not sure that renting is not the best in a lot of cases. I guess I was just pointing out that investors only invest in buying in order to make a profit, so of course they have to charge more than they pay. Don’t be surprised if a capitalist wants to make money. But he will make it at his own risk, not like the gov who will take taxes and build multifamily homes. Perhaps in a three trillion dollar bill for “human infrastructure.” You have been wise, dear Yinglan. I congratulate you on your life style.

  3. c.f. leach says:

    Oneta great post. Even here in Florida it is cheaper to buy than rent. Have a great rest of your week—Blessings and Peace!

    • oneta hayes says:

      Thank you. I have little experience, but I love logic and common sense. I dislike animosity brewed by elements who want to cause trouble by charging people as victims or victimizers.

  4. Faye says:

    Your post again elicits both thoughts and comments. My Dad’s homespun truth caused him to say…… hard so you own what you purchase always. . When it is a home honestly look at location and never borrow for what is out of your price range to comfortably repay, Look at what is possible and leave the dreams of .better until you own the starter kit . Indeed our home was very simple but was ours and he rode a pushbike for years before we had enough for a car, Later we had A RADIO when neighbours all had televisions for years, I’m glad today he rejected all rental options on everything. He left more than real estate to us. He left integrity, honesty, faith and a work to achieve mindset.

    • oneta hayes says:

      I hear the pride and admiration bursting out from you in thankfulness for an honest, wise, and hard working dad. A great and honorable legacy. Much like the one passed to me. A great blessing from our Lord.

  5. pranabaxom says:

    The Lord is a landlord? Wow!😂

    On a road trip for the last two weeks. In Port Huron, MI today. Passed through CA, OR, WA, Idaho, MT, ND, SD, Minnesota, Wisconsin and now in MI.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Where did that question come from? I didn’t make any connection; however, since you brought it up, he does let us live on his property rent free. Your satisfaction with your estate is generally based a lot on how you take care of it and your neighbors. What a trip you are on! Sounds lovely. Are you going slowly enough to take in the wonders of the land? Family oriented? History study? Picture taking? Good to hear what you are up to.

      • pranabaxom says:

        Oneta, I am on a long road trip with my wife Ranju. Drove nearly 4500 miles till now, visiting few national parks / monuments and four of the five great lakes. Just now sitting in a rest area on I-90, few miles away from Erie, Pennsylvania. May have misinterpreted when I read quickly.

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