mother with protective face mask holding her newborn baby and they looking trough the window.

I doubt this mother will wear her mask when she takes her child home. Thankfully. The baby will likely learn that a smile indicates pleasure, comfort, love, stability. It will probably see daddy and siblings smile. Smiles equal love, it learns.

Mom works outside the home. She leaves the baby at a day care. Suddenly no one smiles anymore.

I saw a snippet of day care worker trying to get a small child to wear a mask. She was kind to the child (the child was sitting, but I think it was too small to stand or walk, I would guess about 10 month old) but there was no way she would win the battle except by wearing the child out when it cried or screamed itself to sleep. I can’t find the video to which I am referring, but there is a similar one at

If you watch the above mentioned video, you will see that the care taker tried to encourage the child in positive ways by verbally trying to reward him. This child is older but he cannot be coaxed into leaving the mask on. Again he will probably wear out and drop off to sleep, or scream until he gets is way. Then we will wonder why he learns to scream to get his way!

Before masks and mask mandates, Department of Human Services would have charged parents with child abuse for allowing their child to be treated like this!

Smiles equal love, it learns. Masks equal abuse, it believes.

(Obviously I know children sometimes have to wear masks in hospitals, but it would be sedated before this kind of treatment would continue.)

I’m aghast!

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  1. I’m aghast, too, Oneta. I know when we witness child abuse we’re supposed to report it, but what do we do when it’s state-mandated abuse?? I heard a speech by a neurologist where she stated that under no circumstances should a child be masked. Reducing the oxygen to that little brain diminishes that brain’s development. God help us.

  2. floridaborne says:

    There are some ways in which children are smarter — they intuitively know the importance of playing in mud puddles and dirt to build up their immunity, and that covering the face so that you can breathe in your own germs day after day is not the way to do it.

    Seekingdivineperspective is correct Reducing oxygen to a child’s brain diminishes brain development.

    Who has the most to gain by diminishing the intelligence of a new generation and forcing them to accept compliance without question?

  3. Putting masks on healthy children is child abuse, plain and simple. Healthy children are statistically at zero risk of death from covid, and a piece of cloth over one’s face doesn’t stop the spread of viruses anyway. The best thing for healthy children would be to have covid now, when it is not dangerous to their health or life, and thus develop natural immunity — which we all know is vastly superior to the partial (and short-lived) immunity that comes from vaccination.

  4. capost2k says:

    Friends in HK, Japan, China and Korea have worn masks since ‘forever,’ and it is considered normal. I suspect the abuse of forcing children to wear them here is because they do not see their mentoring adults wearing them. Anita and I will probably wear masks from now on, as we never know what the next “pandemic bug’ will be. But we do so, not out of fear, but just to be faithful to serve our Lord.
    Bluebird is correct about “the best thing for healthy children,” but incorrect about “a piece of cloth… doesn’t stop the spread of viruses.” Working in hospitals, masks have always been used for two-way protection: to protect a patient from visitors’ germs and to protect a worker from patients’ germs.
    Masks, even ones used in surgery that must prevent odors from entering, do not reduce the amount of oxygen to one’s brain.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Thank you for responding. I appreciate one standing for one’s belief. Not many will respond if they do not agree. But if everybody in China have worn masks since “forever” I wonder why this Covid thing hit them so hard? The following link is interesting.
      I supposed the people in some of these countries did so because of

      • capost2k says:

        Well, I don’t know “everyone in China,” just a few friends. 😁

        • oneta hayes says:

          Smiling back at you. It seems like the PR regarding this issue is a little frustrating to the people mandating issues. If everybody in China wore masks, how did so many get Covid? or if few in China get masks, then why are we told to wear masks because they work in China? Japan? About all I know is that they had no spectators for the Olympics, so is masks work, why not let people come but demand masks? I hope your will remove masks often enough to let children and strangers know you are smiling at them. Also just in case you need to say something like “watch out for the dog” but you really mean “watch out for the fog.” Oh, I’m rambling now aren’t I? Just had to speak up for those of us who basically can’t hear well except for being helped my watching the lips. I’m not willing to pay the price to avoid a “maybe bug” that might make me sick. 😀

  5. I’m ready to burn the masks!!!

  6. Faye says:

    This is child abuse. We are sometimes experiencing elder abuse in this country as well. . However the rise of the pagan and long outlawed practice of HALLOWEEN is now abuse spiritually of ALL who are led to accept its a bit of fun. WALK ONLY IN THE LIGHT BELOVED!

    • oneta hayes says:

      The “woke” folks here are putting a bit of squash on Halloween because it is not “equity” since some can pay more for costumes. I could do with less Halloween for sure. I do have some candy in the car in case anyone shows up, but I don’t expect them to. Not even my grandkits. I had forgotten about it being tonight. They are having a big hoopla at the town center I guess.

  7. pranabaxom says:

    You are not a child, so wear yours😂.
    Just take care abd be safe Oneta. We are not out of the woods yet. I was so afraid before meeting you that somehow I may infect you. I couldn’t have had that in my conscience. Hope and pray for yours and Sammy’s good health.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Thanks for your good wishes. I’ll wear the mask at the doctor’s or hospital where the sick folks are. Maybe a few other places. Mostly I don’t go out much. If you brought a bug, we haven’t felt it yet. Since you haven’t either, you probably are bug free. My sister has Covid and yes, she did have the vaccine. I didn’t see her for several days before her symptoms began. She ought to be getting over it before many more days. They gave her an infusion but I do not know what kind of infusion. Anyway I probably can’t see her for another week or more. I am cautious and have a plan for a quick response in case I begin seeing any symptoms. I believe I have good immunities and don’t like fiddling with something God designed naturally. I’m eighty-seven. There are a dozen or more ways I could go home to Heaven on any day. Do you and Ranju mind if I post about your visit and show pictures? I think you do not use picture on “fleeting muse” but you post a lot of them on Face Book. I’d like to express my pleasure for being included on your 35 day tour. Best to you, dear Friend and worthy foe. 😀

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