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Everybody with a conscience, has regrets. *********** Hosted by Shweta Suresh

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Obviously I cheated a bit by running over to and getting a picture. But that move was not planned until I chose my topic, “If wishes were horses, beggers could ride.” I wish I could remember the rest of … Continue reading

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Armon stepped out of the cab, straightened his tie, and with a sigh he faced the merry-go-round.  On the other side he would become hale-fellow-well-met, inventive, energetic, next in line for assistant vice president. No let down for ten hours when … Continue reading

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It is time to put my mind to the Thanksgiving/Christmas family times.  Thanksgiving is November 25 and Christmas is December 25.  At least that is on the calendar for 2021.  Dr. Fauci may be cancelling but most of us have … Continue reading

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Chapter 1:1  Details of Zephaniah’s heritage.  We can think of him as speaking to his own “family” which is different than many of the prophets.  Would that make him more or less apt to be listened to?  In that day, … Continue reading

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I unloaded the dishwasher putting containers and lids on the cabinet. Now I need to match them. The problem is that although they are the same size and look compatible, sometimes they are not. If I match certain lids some … Continue reading

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SHOP IS OPEN, COME ON IN.  Mask or no mask fine with me, but choose an un-sugared donut if you plan to eat it here with a mask on.   I am serving quite a mixture.  Eat what you want and … Continue reading

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Funny Story, no spiritual significance unless I am gossiping. Hope not. Don’t think so since you have absolutely no idea who this story is about. Neither do I know her; I don’t think I ever knew her name. I did … Continue reading

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Most of you were with me on a study of Habakkuk last year. I will not repeat them at this time; however, I did want to insert this Book here so you can see where he stands in the lineup … Continue reading

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Buying a starter home is cheaper than rent in two dozen metro real estate markets. I have been holding this headline for more than a month, but it is too good to pass up without comment. If buying were not … Continue reading

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