A second situation.  Regarding President Trump.  

        Remember yesterday I said I had two situations regarding the subject of “investing negativity” into situations to the point of doing just about anything to come out right and avoid personal humiliation.  Then one might do almost anything to bring the victim down.  That is what I believe happened to the Donald Trump presidency.  Because of predicted failure, the Washington establishment and news media spun all things negatively.  It became so widespread that the election got by with all kinds of corruption.  And the nation “Cut off its nose to spite its face.”  Paid no mind to four years of world peace, prosperity, and freedom!     

         I tell this from my standpoint.  2015.  There’s Donald Trump.  Why does a playboy want to be President?  What makes him think he can do that?  Wait, hold on a bit.  He has succeeded in a lot of things.  He doesn’t need this job to make him famous.  He doesn’t need it for money.  He is willing to sacrifice a lot.  About that time I split from a group of Washington elites from all brands—Rhino Republicans, Democrats, Entertainment, News Media.  I looked at all the positives and jumped into the middle of MAGA country.

        But everybody didn’t!  Not even all the Republicans.  But through the good fortune of the USA, he won!  The deeper he dug into Washington politics, the more swamp he found.  He doesn’t bother with being subtle!  The enemies come from everywhere.  The newspaper are rife with negative reports.  The networks are making money by negatively spinning every item they can dig up.  And dig they did! 

         Negative, negative, negative.  Finally it became a matter of one’s own reputation if they could not prove what they said.  The “cloud” became too dark, the Justice Department too corrupt, the Election too slimy.   Well, it is obvious to most of you what the outcome was. 

         I  heard myself say a few weeks ago, “I would sure like to have President Trump back, but he has so many haters, I might vote for “——” if he runs.”  Why would I ever say that!  President Trump has proved his capabilities, his dedication, his stamina, his sacrifice, his negotiating ability, his knowledge of the world and his skill at settling areas of turmoil without a war.  Why would anyone not want President Trump to run again?  Just those who have submitted to the voices who speak vicious negativity without regard for truth.

         Some of you will not agree with me.  You will certainly tell your side on your blog, and you are welcome to do so here on comments.  As far as I am concerned we stand in unity for the positive outcome of our nation.


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13 Responses to CUT OFF YOUR NOSE…

  1. says:

    I have always been one for setting the stage. I still think you’d win if you’d run❤️

  2. Frank Hubeny says:

    Good point and I agree: “President Trump has proved his capabilities, his dedication, his stamina, his sacrifice, his negotiating ability, his knowledge of the world and his skill at settling areas of turmoil without a war. Why would anyone not want President Trump to run again? “

    • oneta hayes says:

      Thanks, Frank. You know how we tend to not want the word “divisive” attached to us; I’m like that. It sometimes looks like I’m looking for a fight; I guess that’s one thing they also accused President Trump of!

  3. Trump donated all of his presidential salary, that tells me everything I need to know about him. Truly amazing.

  4. capost2k says:

    My major concern for Mr. Trump running for president again is that he will be 78 at the beginning of his second term. I know, lots of people age well and intelligently with no sign of dementia like our current president, but I really wish Mr. Trump would simply play “king-maker” and promote Ted Cruz or Ron DeSantis or Nicky Haley. Any of these in almost any combination, along with some other highly popular conservatives would easily take the stage away from whoever runs against them.
    However, we must keep our focus on the New Kingdom and recognize Father even chose Biden as our president.
    See Daniel 2:20-21: “Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, to whom belong wisdom and might. He changes times and seasons; HE removes kings and sets up kings;
    He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding.”
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Good post. I’m left with questions about leaders being chosen by God. He removes them and He sets them up, however, sometimes he does it in response to what the people demand. Such was the first king of Israel. The people demanded a king. So God allowed it. I believe we could safely say he chose Saul to be the king. So do we say it happened because God chose Saul. ?? One of the un-answerables for me.

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