Take this word and run wherever it takes you, “opposite.” Challenge by Linda G. Hill.

First I want you to think how difficult it is to define opposites without using words which are opposite as examples. This is a concept that is easily taught to Kdg children by using examples. High/___; Up/___; Black/___; Happy/___ Mother/_____; Night/____

Dictionary “totally different” or “reverse from.” That is difficult. For instance, what is the opposite of sun. Is it moon? Is chaos opposite of serene? Is mom opposite of father, dad, or papa?

I had a student who did a total wipe out of a test on opposite words. I couldn’t comprehend why. I surely did a better job of teaching than to have a student did that poorly. When talking to him about it, I found he understood opposites very well. His problem? He couldn’t read the word!

Is arm opposite of leg? …hand opposite of foot? …elbow opposite of knee? … finger opposite of toe? I don’t know. If so, I don’t see how they are “totally different” or “reverse from.”

Oh, my, what a conundrum I have drug up! Does conundrum have an opposite? I don’t know. Excuse me while I go check Word Hippo. 😀

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10 Responses to DEFINE “OPPOSITE”

  1. I don’t think we’re supposed to think about these things so much, Oneta. 😏

  2. Adelheid says:

    This led me to thinking and researching for some words. 😁😁😁 And I don’t use ‘conundrum’ but checked on it as well.

  3. willowdot21 says:

    Oh! My goodness 🤩

  4. capost2k says:

    Thinking is never bad, just like nuclear power is not “bad.” It’s what we do with it that matters! 😉
    This reminded me of what a Bible teacher noted once: The opposite of love is not hate; these are two sides of the same coin of our emotions and reflects Father’s personality. The opposite of love in apathy or indifference, i.e., not caring.
    Merry Christmas, my fellow-noodler! 😁

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